Saturday, January 26, 2008

conversations with Sam

The other day I was sitting at the table with Ike and Joe both in my lap. Sam was next to us.

Sam asks "what will happen to your boobs if you don't have anymore babies?"

me "They will still be there just without milk."
A few more questions later I guess she was happy with my answers.

Then she asks "Who will take care of me if you die and I'm still a kid?" Where did that come from?!!

me "well, (trying to think of a good answer) How about aunt Sharon (they are 1st in trust to take care of the kids), or about grandma S?"

"OH! I want grandma S to take care of me! But it might take me a few days to walk there."

me "Yeah that would!! (they live 3 hours away by car!) But I think Grandma would come up here to get you"

"Well, I still need to pack"
I'm starting to wonder if she knows something I don't!

me "I'm sure Grandma would help you pack"

"What about my bed? where would I sleep?"

me "grandma would get your bed"

"how would she get it in her house?"

me "through the door"

"Well, I still need my tent"

me "why"

"In case it gets dark while I'm walking there, I will have a place to sleep"

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Stephanie said...

If Sam goes missing check the highway for a little hitchhiker with a tent on her back, LOL....what a stinker.