Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy 5 months IKE!

Today Ike is 5 months old. So what is he up to? He rolls all over the place. He can sit for a few minutes without falling over. Although I still put pillows, blankets around him for when he does fall. He grabs anything and sticks it straight to his mouth. He loves cereal. Likes carrots the best so far, hates green beans. He also like garlic bread, grilled cheese and anything you let him have. He even cries when the food runs out! He still does not sleep through the night. There have been a few times he slept about 7 hours and I was hoping that it would continue. Not yet!

He still hates his car seat and lets you know about it. He is generally a happy baby though. He loves to jump! He got a jump-a-roo for Christmas and loves it- as do I! He loves to be tickled and played with. He has just started blowing raspberries. He babbles. Sam always asks me "what is Ike saying now?" So i always make up something!

Happy 5 months old IKE!


Megan's got 47 said...

Happy 5 months Ike! We need some pictures :)

JennyH said...

Well, You can click on my photo webpage link-- however I am very behind in posting them (still working on xmas pics!!)

I haven't figured out how to post them here yet. I'm sure it is super easy. I will try and do it when I get the chance.