Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Max, school and the bus

Max started riding the bus this last Monday. He is very excited. Monday he got right on (thank God) and found a seat. He is the only kid on the bus as he goes to school 20 minutes early. So there are 2 adults per 1 child for the 2 minute ride to school.
The nurse called about 20 minutes later and said she thinks he should come home. I had asked her to check him out for me. His eyes were puffy and he said his ear hurt one time. I took him to the Doctor (nurse practitioner) who said he has an ear infection. I kept him home Tuesday just so i would not get a call saying "I think he should be home." So today I send him to school. He goes at 12:00. A few minutes after 1:00 I get a call from the nurse. He is having a rough day and she thinks he should come home. He has been crying for 10 minutes in her office. I can hear him. I asked what started it. She did not know for sure but I finally got a story from his para when I picked him up. They let him walk down to his class from speech and he darted off into the 1st grader pod. They chased him. He tripped and fell. Someone stepped on his hand. It obviously hurt. Tonight it is bruised and red. I'm not sure who stepped on it, must of been an adult or a very big kid! When I picked him up he was fine. he was playing with a Rubik's cube. He came home anyway. I really think school just didn't want to put up with him or didn't know what to do since he was crying.
So, 3 days this week of school he has stayed home or been sent home. He still has not rode the bus home from school. It's not the same bus that takes him. Hopefully tomorrow he will finally meet that bus driver!!

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