Monday, January 21, 2008

We need a monster-sized bed!

Last night started with just Pete in I in our bed and all the kids in thier beds. About 2:30 Ike wakes up. I'm tired and decide to drag him into bed with me. He can eat, I can sleep and all is good. A little later Sam came up to our bed. She slips under the covers in between Pete and me. A little later Max comes to our bed. There was no room by me and for some reason all the kids think they have to lay next to me. So Max lays on top of the covers across my legs. Then at about 6:00 Joe comes up to our bed. Again, no room next me. He makes room and is laying on the very edge of the bed. I am holding onto his leg just in case! So by the time morning came along all 6 of us were in a king size bed! It will be nice to actually sleep with no kids in the bed---Someday!

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