Monday, March 10, 2008

sick, sick, and sick!

It's not 11:30 yet but I already have a laundry basket full of "puke" clothes. All 4 kids are sick. Ike just has an awful cough with lots and lots of snot. He started getting sick Tuesday evening. He had his 6 month shots on Tuesday as well. Today Max is coughing and puking. Joe is also puking with some coughing. Sam has a little cough and I am hoping she to doesn't start puking! All the kids except Ike just got off meds 3 days ago for strep throat. Max and Ike have doctors appointment this afternoon. If it's strep with Max again, they will also test Sam and Joe for me. I kind of think Max has it again along with croup. He was coughing last night that croupy cough.

This winter has been a very sick winter for us!!

Sam just came to me and she is coughing the "puke" cough. What a fun day for me!!


Christina said...

OH NO FUN! I hope everyone gets better really soon!

Beth said...

Hope you all get to feeling better soon!!