Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring Break!

Max is on Spring break this week. It has been somewhat cool though. Today was a little warmer so we went to the nature park most the afternoon. We got to see several snakes that were just starting to come out of hibernation. The kids all had fun and got lots of exercise. They have a small amphitheater there that the kids put on "shows" for me to watch. Ike really thought the hand fulls of gravel he kept picking up were food and tried about 50 times to eat them.

Ike and I are off are meds and the others are done tomorrow I think (gotta check my calendar). However Joe throw up this evening for who knows why! I didn't even hear him do it. I just walk down to give something to Max and looked over at Joe who had 2 piles of nasty puke beside him. He also had it all over his face, hands and clothes. I got him cleaned up and held him for a few minutes. He went to sleep pretty fast. He felt like he had a fever so I will check him before I go to bed.

Ike has not wanted to go to bed or at least stay in bed the last 3 nights- but after 11 he seems fine. So I go back and forth to his room, rock him, lay him down, etc all evening.

Last spring break Sam broke her arm. Tomorrow will be 1 year since it happened. Her and Max were jumping on my mom's bed (we were down visiting grandma during spring break) while my mom watched them. I was getting Joe ready for bed. I hear a thump and Sam starts crying. She is yelling my name. I don't rush right in because she hollers my name all day long and cries just about every time Max touches her (at least it feel that way!). After a minute my mom calls me in. Sam's arm is not straight and is obviously broken! So I am thinking who should I take with me to the ER. Joe is not sleeping but crying his eyes out because I put him to bed (a 'new' bed at that) and I was in the process of trying to wean him. Should I leave him and Max for my mom to handle while I take Sam in? No, we all go to the ER. Only to find out that that ER doesn't do ortho. So, Sam got to go to another hospital by ambulance since she already had an IV started. My mom drives my van over with the 2 boys. They just stay in the van and the boys sleep the entire time. Sam and I finally get out of there around 2 or 3 am. She broke it around 10:30 pm. Then we had to get scripts filled and then go get some sleep!! Her hand got really big by the next night so I had to take her to the ER again. We waited forever but it was OK. Then about 2-3 weeks later she had surgery to get it reset. a few weeks after that and the cast was finally off!

I hope this Spring break doesn't get as exciting as last years!

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