Friday, April 25, 2008

field trip day

Max is on a field trip today with his class. He usually goes to PM kindergarten, however today they had the entire K class go together. That is 2 full day K classes, 2 Am and 1 PM class, thats A LOT of kids! They went to a petting zoo. The teacher had lots of parent helpers. She emailed the break down of who was in charge of what kids. Most moms had 1 or 2 kids to be in charge of. Then the last row said "Mrs H and Para : Max" He gets the opposite of everyone and gets 2 adults for himself. I thought it was funny - but very wise!

Surprisingly, He got up this morning with no problems. My kids sleep late as they stay up late every night. He had to be at school at 8:15 this morning. yeah, AM! All 4 kids were up by 7:30. This afternoon may be a loooong cranky one but we'll see.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


It's about time I personalize my header- huh!?

my baby is 8 months old today!

Ike is 8 months old today. He is full of mischief. He puts everything in his mouth. He can crawl everywhere, including up stairs (but not down yet!), he can push a walker down the hallway and loves it, he is starting to stand very briefly (as in, he lets go of something, not stands up by himself), he has 3 teeth and I think working on his forth. He loves peek-a-boo, even when Joe and Sam play it with him. He also loves to dump out the dogs water. He knows not to. He looks at me, looks at the water, crawls towards it. I say "IKE" and he giggles and crawls faster! He's a stinker.

Ike has such pretty brown eyes and hair. He is my only child with brown eyes. The other 3 have blue eyes.

Happy 8 months IKE!


Yesterday Sam, Joe, Ike and me went on a walk while Max was at school. Sam rode her bike so Joe had to to the same. He pedaled the whole time. Last year he was on and off but usually would just use his feet to push off the ground. This year he can pedal AND stear! Yay Joe!

Ike tried out the walker yesterday and thought is was so much fun!

Here is my cutie pie Max

The other day Joe was playing outside and fell asleep outside in the swing.

Here is Max's version on Hop-scotch.... It goes down the entire driveway.

We have been planting flowers and tomatoes lately. Here is my gardener Sam

Ike also like the dirt!! He also likes to eat the dirt...
I pretty much have no flowers outside blooming- However I do have about 3 vases full of flowers inside my house...

Max just doing his part of making sure there are no flowers left outside.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So why did I need to send in a painting smock at the beginning of the year!??? Apparently they don't really use them! This is Max's shirt after school. Now they did have art that day but still! Does somebody not look at him covered with one color of paint and think, "hmm, maybe I should do something here?" I guess not because he had several different colors on him. I try to send him in wearing darker clothes on art days because he usually comes home covered in paint or markers. I obviously forgot that day was art day! I don't think the paint to coming out either. I will try one more time then it will be the bleach pens turn. I love those bleach pens, but you have to be so careful with them - they are bleach!

it's Spring!

I think the weather is finally going to stay nice, at least I'm hoping! It actually snowed over the weekend but has warmed up since. It was really windy yesterday and I think even more windy today but it is warm out. Yesterday Sam and Joe played outside and painted out on the deck. Joe also felt the need to add some color to the deck. Why keep it on the paper? That is why we painted outside!! Today I hope to go buy some tomato plants and other outside things. I also need to go buy a present for a birthday party Max is going to this weekend. It is a skating party- so that should be very interesting. He has never gone skating in his life.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Shows ya how much I know..

Sam was telling me all about the sun, moon and space. Then she asked, "What happens when the sun gets sick?" me: "I don't think the sun gets sick." Her: "Yeah it does. What happens when the sun gets sick? It doesn't feel too hot!" haha.

She must of heard it on TV

Saturday, April 5, 2008

IEP time

Max's IEP was yesterday. It all went well. It was very long- almost 2 1/2 hours. I expected about 1- 1 1/2 hours. Going all day to first grade next year is going to be a huge shock to him. He is such a picky eater so eating at school may be hard for a while. He will get extra time for lunch as well since he is such a slow eater. and I mean SLOW! i am hoping he will see all the other kids eating lunches from school and at least want to try them out. He will have a para with him during lunch, at least to start with, so she/he will be able to 'show him the way.'

Another thing- He rides home from school on the bus everyday. Yesterday, I get a call around the time the bus should be getting here. It is school. Max missed the bus and a teacher found him outside walking around!! This is the second time this as happened- not with the bus but that he has been found outside. The other time was during K sign-up so school was not in session but the staff had all the Kindergarten kids in another room doing activities. So Monday they are changing things around with how he gets to the bus. They were letting him walk down and find the teacher that helps him get on the bus all by himself. I am surprised he did it the correct way for that long without running out of the building.

stuff about Ike

Ike finally has 2 teeth. The second one broke through yesterday. It has been NO fun for him. He has drooled buckets and been a little fussy. 2 down, only 18 more to go in the next 2-3 years.

Ike also reached a 'milestone' of sorts. All the kids have done it and I knew Ike would too but was hoping he would wait a little longer. He fell down the steps- already! He is such a fast crawler. I think he more slid down than flipped down. Our steps are also only 7 steps high. He was fine though!

Ike pulls up on lower things. He has pulled himself up to the toilet and stuck his hand right in it! I was right there even and had cleaner in it. i was washing something in the sink and looked over to see him reaching his hand in. He barely touched the water but still!