Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Yesterday Sam, Joe, Ike and me went on a walk while Max was at school. Sam rode her bike so Joe had to to the same. He pedaled the whole time. Last year he was on and off but usually would just use his feet to push off the ground. This year he can pedal AND stear! Yay Joe!

Ike tried out the walker yesterday and thought is was so much fun!

Here is my cutie pie Max

The other day Joe was playing outside and fell asleep outside in the swing.

Here is Max's version on Hop-scotch.... It goes down the entire driveway.

We have been planting flowers and tomatoes lately. Here is my gardener Sam

Ike also like the dirt!! He also likes to eat the dirt...
I pretty much have no flowers outside blooming- However I do have about 3 vases full of flowers inside my house...

Max just doing his part of making sure there are no flowers left outside.

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WheresMyAngels said...

All the pics are so cute! As our your kids! But that first pic is my favorite, the expression is just too adorable!