Wednesday, May 21, 2008

3:30 AM

What was I doing at 3:30 this morning? If you guessed sleeping .... buzzzzz, you would be wrong. If you guess laundry, ding, ding, ding, you would be right! Sam threw up all over her bed last night/this morning. She didn't get just the sheets, she got it all! The pillows, the sheets (including the mattress pad) , the comforter and to make things fun, she also threw up on Joe. Joe usually sleeps with Sam because he believes he is way too cool for a toddler bed anymore. So I threw her sheets into the washer, after shaking out all the chunks off outside. Then I moved to Joe. I cleaned him up and took off his splint. I then spent some time scrubbing the puke of the splint! I made sam's bed up and she went right back to sleep. I layed down a few minutes after 4:00 only to hear Ike up about 4 minutes later. I fed him and put him back to bed. I finally got back to bed and sleep only to have Sam throw up again about 30 minutes later. All the bedding -- again -- plus the wall this time! New sheets and a few towels later she is back to sleep. I do more laundry and back to bed. 14 minutes later, Ike is up again! Sam finally got the clean sheets dirty a little later. Just a little bit ago she throw up all over the floor, right next to my nice, huge mountain of clean towels. 2 of the clean and dried pillows were also right there. She got those again along with a couple of towels. As if i didn't have enough to do today. This is my packing day and my "to-do" list day with a million and a half things to get done. We leave for vacation tomorrow! I sure hope nobody else gets sick and pukes in the car tomorrow.


Karen said...

Always fun. Yuck. Hope they get better soon!

Debbie Yost said...

Ugh! 3:00 a.m. puke laundry is the worst. I had a daycare kid sick last week and it was the 24 hour kind. I hope that's the same for Sam, but I understand it was highly contagious and everyone else in his family got it. I hope that doesn't happen.

WheresMyAngels said...

Hope it does not make a second round. A month ago, it just kept going cirlces in my home! It was horrid!