Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Elephant in the playroom?

The other day we somewhat cleaned up the playroom. You know, so they could totally trash it again in no time flat. We set up Sam's tent and a Hot Wheels Sizzler track. We play cars and 'campout'. We leave the tent up but put the track up. There is a nice big area of clean space- I could even see the carpet! The next day I go down to let Sam know we will be leaving in a few minutes. I walk in the playroom, look around and asked her what the heck happened down here? Apparently, an Elephant came through the window and trashed the playroom. I told her to see how much she could get picked up before we left. Her response was, "but what about the elephant? He made the mess"


Karen said...

I tend to agree with her. I have no idea how on earth toys can get scattered so quickly otherwise.

Beth said...

We must have an elephant in our house too!! Only he goes to the kitchen as well!!!

Too funny!!!

Laura said...

Check out my blog you have an award!