Saturday, May 3, 2008

Not a whole lot going on

Nothing new really to blog about.

Ike crawls up the steps about 2,ooo times a day which means I have to pick him up and move him about 2,000 times a day! I have showed him a few times how to crawl back down so hopefully soon he will figure that out. He does know that he can fall down the steps and it's not so much fun.

The weather has been pretty nice lately (today it's kinda cool) so we have spent lots of days outside playing. Max's new thing is playing tag- all the time- when we are outside. He waves you over like he wants to show you something then pokes you in the stomach and runs away giggling. A good game for him since he likes to run anyway!

Sam insisted she wanted her training wheels off her bike. I took them off a bike that is WAY to small for her so she could practice that way. Closer to the ground so she can catch herself, right? She does not have the hang of it yet but maybe this summer she will figure it out. Who knows.

Joe thinks he ready for big boy undies. And well, maybe he is, but I'm not. I let him wear them several times and so far, he never runs to the bathroom. He still pees and poops in his pants. I really don't want to deal with poopy pants. Max is still somewhat working on potty training. we have had him in undies since October. He is doing much better but still gets his undies damp sometimes before he goes to the bathroom. However, he rarely poops in his pants anymore- thank God! I hate cleaning poopy pants or poop paintings from the wall or carpet. Why is poop painting such a common thing with kids that have Down syndrome. I think he has pretty much outgrown it (I hope so).

Ike is babbling more and saying mama so maybe soon he will realize I am mama! Right now it's just babble.

Have a good weekend/week!


Debbie Yost said...

Ok, you are scaring me! Poop painting? I'm trying to decide if I should start potty training this summer with Peanut. I can handle the poop in the underwear, but I'm not interested in any paintings! Thankfully she poops pellets most of the time.

WheresMyAngels said...

I am lucky that I never got to see poop paintings BUT both my girls were constipated so they had little whopper balls of poop that would of been too hard to pain with. Unfortunately they were bite size, enough said right!! lol

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Sounds to me like you have a lot going on. Love the new header, too!