Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sam oh Sam

Sam is my "accident waiting to happen" child. She talks non-stop, everyday , all day. That is usually how I know she is asleep- she stops talking! Even as I type this, she is standing here talking her head off.

Yesterday we went to Subway. She wanted cookies. After we pay she promptly grabs the bag and takes her cookie. Only to have about 85% of it fall to the floor. I threw it away and the lady behind the counter saw this and gave her another. Then we walk out and there is a paper machine thingy out there. The machines that you buy a paper from, free standing machine. There are a few freebie ones there- like The Pitch. She asks me, "Mom, do you need a paper?" "No, I don't one today" "Are you sure?...... " "Fine Sam, get a paper, if you want a paper, get a paper" I'm thinking- just one more thing to throw into the recycle bin once at home. So here she is, a cookie in one hand. She pulls the handle down with the other hand. HMM? How do i get the paper now? It was like watching her mind click as her problem solving skills are trying to figure this one out. Well, she opened it a couple of times and finally thought that holding the door down with her foot should work. I was about 5 feet away from her, holding Ike. As soon as she puts her foot on it, it starts to fall towards her. I go to grab it but was too late, it landed right on her wrist. She cried and screamed for a little while. I checked her over and held it for a few minutes. I am thinking- great, watch Sam break her wrist 3 days before vacation. However, she was fine in a short amount of time. She never did get that paper though!


WheresMyAngels said...

Oh your daughter must be like my Aysha, she is NEVER quiet unless it is sleep time.

Debbie Yost said...

Hi have one of those non-stop talkers, but I figure it's just payback since I was one as well. I'm glad she's not seriously hurt.

Beth said...

Oh No!! I can speak from experience on the breaking a bone!!! I'm waiting for our next one - Bella broke her's in January at the young age of 2!!! At least I didn't start breaking bones until I was 6!!! Both of my girls are climbers - so it's just a matter of time!

So glad that Sam isn't hurt - especially before vacation!!!