Wednesday, June 11, 2008

adventures of shopping

I have always said it would be great to have Wal-Mart right down the street at a certain corner because it was a big open space, and would have easy access. Well, last fall it was announced a Wal-mart was going to open in that exact corner! It opened just about 2 weeks ago. We noticed it was open the day we left for vacation.

I hated going to our Wal-mart because for me, it was across town and a huge pain in the butt to shop at. So I went there only a hand full of times during the year. Now that we have one less than 2 minutes away, I am sure to be shopping at Wal-mart much more.

I took the kids there last week so we could check out the new store and more importantly because I had a huge list of stuff I needed to get! I dread going to stores with all 4 kids in tow. Basically Max, as much as I hate saying that! He is a runner- to say the least. He will run away the second he sees an opportunity. It is a game to him. He will run, and run, and run while laughing at you because you’re so close but just can’t grab him. Then eventually he is gone. You can hear him stomping around and may be on his trail but soon, even that is gone. So after doing some searching, I usually tell an employee and they do their version of “code Adam”—by the way at Target, I believe that code is code yellow (it’s been a while since I have been there!).

So last week Max decides to run off at Walmart. Why not, right? Sam and Joe know that once Max runs off, they need to stay right by me and keep up! We will be doing lots of running and turning around, over and over… However last week, I was able to catch Max by myself- without a code whatever at Wal-mart! I kind of tricked him and he came to me! It worked- usually he could care less if I am walking away from him.

Today after dropping Sam off at VBS I take all 3 boys with me to Walmart. I needed to return a few things and buy some more stuff. This new Wal-mart, so far, as been pretty died. I get premo parking on the non-food side. However, as soon as you walk in, they have a special room just with games and ride on toys. Of course, my kids go straight to them. Then finally 5-10 minutes I am dragging them out of there while cursing Wal-mart for putting that there! I am thinking of parking on the other side and seeing if they have a special room on that side as well. I hope not.

So anyway, back to today, Max insists on pushing the cart. I let him. It takes twice as long to get anywhere but I still let him. I get yelled at when I even place my hand on the cart. You know, to stop the cart from mowing down a person that doesn’t get out of the way in time! He did great, he stayed with me the whole time. We were done but needed one more thing from the back of the store. We go back there and get our much needed ice cream! I show him how cool the lights are there and he then needs to see them all. The lights (inside the freezer cases) are on sensors. They are off until you walk close to them and voila, they turn on. After that, he was done with the cart. All we needed to do was make it to the front of the store, check out and make it to the car. It took forever to get up front because Max has to stop at the benches they have places every few yards. Why, they have benches, I don’t know. Really, if you need to sit and rest while shopping at Walmart, maybe you should just leave! Max sees a basket to carry, and fill up. So I give him stuff out of the cart instead of him piling new stuff in it. We check out and he was very helpful. He helped load the stuff up on the belt then loaded all the bags into the cart. He didn’t even fight me over who gets to sign the pen pad to pay with credit card. That is usually a struggle with him.

We get to that dang special room with all the ride-ons and such. Since they were so good at the store and I am a sucker mom- I let them each ride a toy. The ride is over, time to make it to the car. Max will not get up. Joe comes and is holding on the cart like a good little boy. Several minutes of me saying, come on Max. If you want to help unlock the car, you need to come on NOW. Not coming. Then the chocolate milk falls off the bottom of the cart and the top gets a hole. Chocolate milk is pouring out. The door guy cleans it up as I help. He keeps saying, just take it over there and have them bring you up a new one. I said, I think it’s OK, we’re just going home. That really translates into, I have made it this far, we have only a few more feet and we are free of this store and I really do not want to walk back into the store dragging my son while he is screaming and fighting to run away. After several times of the guys telling me to get a new one and telling me that he wouldn’t take that home, I cave and drag Max BACK into the store and go to customer service. I tell them what happened. She tells me to go get a new one and just show her before we leave. I ask if someone could just bring one up. That works. Max is busy playing with the “out of order” pay phone. Then moves on to the computer they have set up to apply for a job. The guy brings my milk to me and we’re ready. Max won’t move. I get a lollipop for Joe and Ike (yes, Ike) from the bank right there and try to tempt Max. Doesn’t work. I finally have to grab his arm, and kick the chair with my foot to get his butt up. I was holding Ike at this point and Joe was in the cart. I also forgot to mention that Joe’s pants were soaking wet because while we were checking out his diaper overflowed. So I drag out Max and the cart with one hand and hold Ike with the other. We made it to the car- Thank God! I accidentally drop Ike’s lollipop in the parking lot. He cries and is not very happy that I took his candy!! Max won’t get in the car. I pick up his whole body and put him in his seat. However, he can unbuckle himself. He does so and gets back out of the car. He runs around it like a wild turkey. I start the car thinking this may get him in. It worked. I load up and head home! Our ice cream was somewhat melted but that’s alright.

I unload our stuff at home and we have a few minutes before we have to go get Sam. It took us about 2 ½ hours to shop, load up and drive home. Holy moley, shopping with Max can be an adventure!! And in case you’re wondering, this is normal. Actually, better than normal because he didn’t run off!!


Christina said...

Ok WOW! I totally would have left the cart and walked out ROFL....I have no patience when I am grocery shopping..God bless you! Glad you made it out without him running off!

WheresMyAngels said...

I HATE WAL-MART! I'm always complaining about them to my BIL, who is a General Manager for Wal-mart!! lol

The only thing I like about them, is that ours has Subways in them. Now I need to do a Dear Subway Letter soon, cause one of the Wal-marts has a HORRID subway!

SunflowerMom said...

Oh my goodness!!! I can totally see Sean evolving into Max at the store. As it is, he yells "down, down, down!" the whole time we are in the store now. I avoid WM like the plague, especially with the boys. I have a small neighborhood grocery that I take the boys to if we need something while I have both of them alone.

And don't get me started on the "fun" racecar carts... oh you mean those are not devices to trap siblings and cause fights while momma tries not to knock down every display in the store with that big hunker!

Debbie Yost said...

Peanut likes to run from me. She gets off the bus and wants to run down the sidewalk. I'm lucky because she is still about 20 pounds and rides in the cart when shopping. I can easily pick her up still. I'm scared what will happen when she is older and heavier like Max. All the tricks I've used with the other kids to get them to stop running from me do not work on her. I could so see Peanut in your story where Max turns and looks then takes off. I'm also lucky because Peanut is my youngest and my oldest is babysitting age, so I can leave her at home much of the time.

My heart goes out to you. Not only is this not fun, it can be very scary.

But as for Walmart. Hate it. I only go there when I can't find what I want at Target. I'm a Target girl.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

I am with Christina. I've walked out many times when I've had problems with Gabi. My husband leaves her with our oldest at home most of the time. I guess thats the benefit of having older children. But honestly right now, Gabi isn't as bad as Preston is. He's getting to that terrible 2's stage.