Thursday, June 19, 2008

birthdays and vacations

Last weekend we celebrated Max's and Joe's birthdays. We also celebrate my nephew's birthday at the same time. We usually do the parties at my mom and dad's house in Springfield, MO. 3 hours away from us. Max will soon be 7 years old! June 29th. Joe is almost 3 years old! June 23rd. My hubby is almost 19 years old (!!!) - June 26th. I am guessing he will be 19 since he wants to celebrate his big "20" next year! Yeah right!! And if there is any questions- no he really isn't 18 years old with 4 kids!

June is a busy month for us. First the birthdays are taking over the month of June. My mom (7th), my nephew (10th), Joe (23rd), Niece (24th), Pete (26th) and Max (29th). I also just got a call about 30 minutes ago that I am a new aunt. So add the 19th to that list now!! I have a new niece. (Congrats to you guys!) May 31st is my dad's b-day so really that is close enough to count as June. Our wedding anniversary is July 1st, so again, just adding to the June crazy's!

We are leaving for the Dell's on Saturday. Really we are leaving for Chicago, then go to the Dells on Monday. This will be one big birthday week!

I left the dogs at my moms so she could dog sit for me. This week we are dog less! Which really turns into a lot more work for me. I have to vacuum a lot and even have had to clean the carpets as well. My kids are some messy little people!! Right now, Ike, Joe and Sam have managed to spill Honey combs all over the dining room floor and smashed up cookie as well. It really needs vacuuming. I have not done one thing to get packed yet. I am doing laundry so I can pack, so maybe that counts!

This afternoon Joe has a follow up appointment for his finger. I haven't noticed much change from the last time we went 4-5 weeks ago. I think she will say just keep splinting it. We'll see. Of course, the 4 kids will be with me. Oh fun! I have only taken all 4 of them once before. That was fun. So let the fun continue!!

OK, well, apparently, the kids have forgotten how to survive while I have been on the computer...


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Have fun on vacation if you can keep you sanity with 4 kids in tow!

My birthday is the 6th... you forgot me! Just kidding. You've got plenty on your plate without adding more. At least you have 6 months in either direction from Christmas! It could be worse and fall right before Christmas! Our kids are all right before the year end except one! And Preston being 12-22! Poor guy is bound to get cheated, right?

Debbie Yost said...

June is birthday season for us too! It all happens in the beginning though. MA's is the 1st, then we have extended b-days on the 6, 7, and 9. Diva's is July 2 which is still pretty close.

Have a great vacation. We go next month!

Christina said...

Have a great vacation and happy birthday to everyone!