Monday, June 2, 2008

New Jersey vacation

Our vacation was fun. It didn't start that great but we got over it. We planned on leaving super early Thursday. After all it was a 2 day drive from the Kansas City area to New Jersey. We left about 9:30- not so early- huh!? Pete and I both felt like crap! I had packed the van up the day before. I had only a few things left to throw in as we left. We finally get going after stopping by CVS first. I brought a 'puke bucket' - just in case. Thankfully I had it when Max started doing his pre-puke cough! He always gives some warning coughs before he vomits. So all day long I kept grabbing the puke bucket and turning around just in time to catch his flying puke, well, most of it. Sam was still a little sick from the days before (remember 3:30 post?). Joe and Ike were doing pretty much OK. The positive side of this? We didn't have to stop for food pretty much the whole day! I did load the car with snacks and drinks though so if anyone was hungry we had food. We drive till somewhere around 11 or 12 that night. Sleep at a hotel for roughly 4 or 5 hours then load the kids back in the car and drive even more. We were making pretty good time. So when the kids all got super fussy and cranky we had time to stop at a park and play for a little bit. We borrowed my FIL's GPS and it was so easy to look up a nearby park. My husband now thinks we need a GPS. So I guess in a few months we will be getting one. We finally arrive in New Jersey around 2 or 3 Eastern time on Friday afternoon. We stayed at Pete's aunt's house in Clinton, NJ. She doesn't live there anymore as she moved in with her now husband. Her sons stay at the house some so she still has it. Her sons are both in college.

Saturday afternoon was the wedding and reception (Pete's aunt). The wedding was a very private one (basically immediate family) but the reception was for everyone. Saturday morning we had time to go visit where Pete used to live in Chatham, NJ. I saw his old house along with his grandparents old house. His grandfather (who passed away several years ago) used to have his own store- like a little deli/lunch place (I think). We ate breakfast at the store and visit with some people Pete knew. We made it to the reception about 30 minutes late! The food looked really good but I still felt pretty sick so I didn't eat any of it. I did finally try a little cake (Who can pass up cake? not me) only to feel worse later on. Pete's bother and family arrive that night and also stay at the aunt's house. Their 2 girls are aged 6 and 4, only a few months difference between them and Max and Sam. They all love paying together and have so much fun.

Sunday Pete's parents had a picnic/family reunion at the RV park they are staying at. There were tons of people, some of that I had never meant. That was fun and I finally started feeling a little better that day.

Monday we left for Cape May, New Jersey. About a three hour drive South to the very bottom point of New Jersey. We got there late afternoon/ early evening. Of course one of the first things to do was visit the beach. It was somewhat cold and VERY windy! The sand even hurt some as it was being pelleted into your legs! The kids had fun though and, surprise, Sam was soaked. She doesn't know that the ocean was cold. Cold water never even phases her. We then went to the Lobster House for dinner. Pete tries to order the 2 or 2 1/2 pound lobster but being a holiday- they were sold out. The food was very good though.

The rest of the week we hung out and did different things. We went to the beach a few times, visited and went up the Cape May lighthouse. Pete, me and the kids went to the zoo. The kids enjoyed it. Joe kept talking about the snakes- he likes snakes! We went to Wildwood and walked along the boardwalk. We did not go to Atlantic City since we went to Wildwood instead.

Friday night, our last night, we went to the Lobster House again, still trying for that lobster! Pete wanted the 3 pounder. They were out. They did have the 3 1/2 pounder however. So he settled for that. Around $50 for one lobster. It was HUGE. I got the 2 pounder. Again, food was very good. When we went to Maine 2 years ago, we ate lots of lobster, most being 2 or 2 1/2 pounds big. Yummy!

Saturday we left at 5:20 Eastern time, 4:20 Central time (our normal time zone). We were thinking of trying to drive straight through. We had several little stops for potty breaks, snack breaks, gas fill-ups, etc. We stopped for dinner at McDonalds in Indiana. They had no playplace but they did have a couple of GameCube stations. Max liked that! We drive some more. and some more, and well, some more!! We arrived home 3:40 AM Central time. 23 hours and 20 minutes. We made it home!! 1256 miles all in one day. Ike was up and ready to start the day at 7 in the morning. So I got about 3 hours of sleep.

The most we saw gas for was $4.05 a gallon- that was in Pennsylvania I think.
The most we paid for gas- was $4.05!! Yeah, about 2 miles down the street it was cheaper.
The most I saw Diesel fuel for was $4.95! wow!
The least I saw gas for was $3.69- that was in Missouri, around Columbia.
Pennsylvania takes forever to drive across. The first half didn't smell all the great either. It smelt like a farm. It did have some cool tunnels through the Appalachian mountains though that the kids loved.

Some records for us-
biggest lobster at 3 1/2 pounds
longest driving time- 23 hours and 20 minutes
most paid for gas $4.05
I know there is more....

We also shared our sickies with a few of our family members. We know they love us for that!

We had fun. Just wish the weather was a little warmer and the water would have been a LOT warmer. It was in the 50's. We were glad to finally be back to our bed sleeping, even if it was only about 3 hours of sleep.

Pictures- I will get to them- someday!! Hopefully soon.....


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

That's a huge lobster! The puke bucket is a great idea. Mommy instinct are right on!

Does that GPS thingy tell you where local restaurants, gas stations etc. are at??? That would be cool if it does.

JennyH said...

Yeah, the GPS shows all sorts of stuff. You can search gas, hotels, food, attractions, etc. It was very helpful. also, with the hotels, we pulled up the list of nearby hotels and called them instead of having to go to each one and see what they had available and what the rates were.

It is a pretty neat and helpful gadget!

WheresMyAngels said...

Man can't believe you had to put up with puking on the way! Yikes. i have not traveled that way!

You should of stopped in and said Hello!! When you got gas in Columbia. Glad to know we had some of the cheapest gas!! lol

In July we are going to Colorado, waiting to see what gas prices are by then. Thank goodness it isn't a long trip, just about 12 hours.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

every time i think about gas prices I get so mad. I don't even get why they are this high!