Sunday, July 13, 2008

Ike locked us out!!

How does a 10 month old baby lock us out of the house, you ask? Well, he did!

We have 3 doors that lead outside. A front door, a garage door, and a back deck door which is a sliding glass door. We have “The Door Guardian” locks on the 2 doors that lead out front. They are locks that can only be locked and unlocked from the inside of the house. They are designed for home protection against burglars. We have them because we have a 7 year old who is an escape artist and runner. The locks are way at the top so the kids can not reach them. They don’t even know how to work them. However, I bet they could lock them if given the chance. In fact, I know they can because we used to have one leading to another room in the house and they liked to lock that one if it was open. They don’t know how to unlock them though!

Pete was going to mow the yard so he opens the garage door then comes back in, locks the door so kids can’t get out and strangers don’t invite themselves in. He goes through the house to the deck door and goes outside that way. Sam followed him out. I was with the 3 boys and decided I would run out really fast to tell/show Pete something in the back yard. I was hoping the boys would stay put. About 10 seconds later, Joe is behind me followed by Max. Ike is by the deck door and is banging on it while crying because he wants out too. The door was open only a few inches. I tell Max to not let Ike out. He would crawl to the steps and fall down landing on the concrete slap on the bottom, right!? Surprisingly, Max listens and doesn’t let Ike out. I was done outside and told Joe if he wanted to stay out he needed to go back in and put shorts and shoes on. I then went up the deck and told Max the same thing. He looks at me and points to the door. I say something about Yeah, Ike is crying. I go to open the door and it would not open!! I look at Max right off the bat and think, “How did he do this?” Well, then I realize there is no way he could have. Ike did it. We have a lock on the bottom of the door that has 2 positions. One is closed and one is open only about 3 inches to let a breeze through, I guess. It was locked in the open position. Meaning the door was open only those few inches. I go to the front, hoping Pete has not locked the garage door up. He had. So everybody but Ike was locked outside. I find a board in the garage and figured I could reach the lock to hit the button and unlock it. It took a couple of tries but I finally got it! Thank God it was not closed the whole way when he locked it. I have no idea how he even got it locked like that. It is a pain to lock in that position because it has to be in the perfect spot for it to work.


WheresMyAngels said...

Oh bet you were scared!

Mercede locked Aysha in our van a few years ago. I had put my purse in the front seat and had the door open while I put Aysha in her car seat. As I was closing her soor, Mercede hits the locks on the front door and shuts it at the same time. So my phone, keys and my baby were all locked in. I was right across from the police department down town thankgoodness so I waved one down.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

That must have freaked you out at first! What a smart boy, I guess he fixed you all so you don't go out without him again!

Karen said...

Well that was a fun day. ;)

Aren't kids amazing? I always yell for one of them when I can't get the child-protection stuff to work.