Friday, July 11, 2008

Random pictures

In no certain order.....


Max lounging

Sam enjoying a S'more

Ike going through a tunnel

Max going down a water slide

Max loved the water slides

Pete and myself in Lake Delton --the lake that got flooded then drained in Wisconsin

Joe "Watch out- I will squirt you!"

Sam and her 2 cousins in front of American Girl in Chicago

Sam, me and her doll eating at American Girl
Me and Ike. this is his 10 months pictures. He is very attached to me right now...

Pete and Ike. Does he look so happy that i handed him over to Daddy?

Pete and Ike


Laura said...

Hey! I love all the pictures of the kids. It's also nice to see yours and Pete's faces, now I really know what you look a mom! I can't believe that about his finger, I'm sooooo sorry hope it's starting to get better. He has really been through it! Wesley still has a scar but doesn't seem to have any problems from his ordeal. Your the only other person I know who has a kiddo who did the same thing, but your MUCH worse. I'll be praying for him. Oh' adding you to my blog, sorry it's taken me so long, I'm way behind.

Christina said...

You've got some gorgeous kids there! I read your post about Ike locking you out too...WAY funny!