Monday, July 28, 2008

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I haven't updated about what Ike is up to for a while now. He just turned 11 months old. He finally figured out how to go DOWN the steps about a month ago. Good thing because he is a climber! His big thing now is to climb anything and everything. He thinks it's pretty funny to scale up the chairs and then stand on top of the table. He also has to throw stuff off of the table- you know for fun! I put him back on the floor about 50 times a day. So now I am moving all the chairs away from the table. That made him pretty darn mad today! He lets you know if he's not happy by squealing loudly.

Ike has such a pretty smile which he likes to show off! He is also still very attached to me and doesn't venture too far away yet. He also has started walking about 2-3 weeks ago. He walks more and more every day. He loves putting things in & out of stuff. Empty a bowl, fill a bowl, empty the bowl then leave it for mom to clean up later.

On to Sam. She can drive me crazy! She is by far my messiest child (and most like daddy- haha)! I have mentioned the clothes before- she changes all day long and just throws the clothes wherever. She also must go through all her shorts and throw them in the floor until she finds the pair she wants. Today she had a mountain of clothes in her room to clean up. This is the same pile that she was going to clean up "first thing when I wake up" - 2 days ago! Today I caught her stuffing them under the bed. She of course denied it and said she put them all away. OK, whatever Sam! I tell her she needs to get them out and put away. Do you know where that pile is right now? Still in her floor. I pulled them all out right before she went to bed. Also, today was such a battle with her. She drags the Tinkertoys out and builds "a friend" but never cleans them up. So I told her she had to do that today as well. She also had to untie a string from the lacing cards that she tried up this afternoon. She picked up most the Tinkertoys- last minute thing so she could watch a movie with Daddy tonight. The string- I had to listen to her cry and carry on that she missed Daddy and that he would do it for her. So she was going to just wait for him to come home. She was in her room by the way since she would not stay focused on the string. Her room did not work. She was out of there every 2 seconds. After daddy got home she asked him to untie the string (he did) and then she came to me saying she didn't have to do it anymore! Her new thing is calling everyone stupid ("stupid mommy") for which she gets in trouble for every time. She also likes to say everything is "S'gusting!" (disgusting) with an occasional "hideous" which she doesn't even use correctly! Seeing as Joe copies most things Sam does he also says "S'gusting." The other day he wanted chocolate milk instead of white (which was already in his cup). He threw a fit and said "S'gusting! That makes me throw up!"

Speaking of Joe- He is talking more and more and I can see a difference just within the last few weeks. He is much more in depth with his conversations now. He is such a little engineer. He tries to figure out how everything works and once he interested in something he is stuck on it for a while. Right now it is a toy tow truck that has movable strings and he can really tow things. Today his thing was Sam's knock-off American Girl horse. We'll see if he sticks with that for a while. His finger is doing better. I never called the specialist for it this time like I had planned. I knew it would be weeks before he got in and he had a well child check coming up. So I asked his normal doctor about it. She said to do what I was doing- splint it for a while. So we'll see how that goes for a while. It seems better though.

Only one left is Max. He is my tidiest child (most like me -haha- kidding!!). He does pick up after himself most the time. He likes to put his things away. He LOVES to help vacuum. He also loves TV and pizza! He knows how to find the movie Ghost Rider (which he loves for some reason) in the Video on Demand menu. It's not just like you go straight to it either. There are several different options you go throw before you can get to it. He can figure out anything electronic. Last Friday's meeting between him, his principal and his new Para went well they said. Or at least up until the last minute- which is when he ran off of them. The para is an older lady. One of my first thoughts is that she would not be strong enough to battle with him. When he drops to the floor and refuses to move- would she be strong enough to physically pick him up? She proved she was by helping drag him to the car for me. When I picked him up he didn't want to leave so he dropped down and refused to walk. So I had one hand and she had the other while we drug him to the car. Since the principal said she had experience with Ds I asked her about that. She has a nephew she worked with from "around Max's age" (6 or 7 ?) up till he was 10 years old. Last year he died unexpectedly. I asked if they found out why. She said it was from his heart medication. The manufacture had doubled the dose by mistake. Could you even imagine that?!!? She also works with another child that has Ds. Not sure if it's respite care or what but she sounded like she still works with him. Max seemed to really like her and vise versa. Hopefully he feels the same after school starts up!

Well- that is it for now!

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Debbie Yost said...

Peanut used to climb on the table and I had to turn the chairs around backwards, then she figured that out and I had to move them out of the room. I was so glad when we didn't have to do that anymore!