Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wisconsin Dells Vacation

After we got back from vacation number 1 in Cape May, NJ - I wrote about it. I haven't wrote about our second vacation yet. So here it goes...

We left from KC and headed to the Chicago area. Pete's brother and family live there. We stayed with them Saturday night. Sunday the grandparents took Sam and her 2 cousins (roughly the same age as her and Max), along with the mommies (plus Ike) to the American Girl Cafe in Chicago. The girls liked it and got to go shopping as well. It was a pretty neat place. They have anything you could ever want for a doll. Sam picked out a matching outfit for her and her doll. It is a cute little outfit.

Monday we left for the Dells. They are about 3 hours from Chicago. With our stop we made it in much more time then 3 hours! We got there and got checked in and learned about the place. We stayed at The Wilderness Hotel and Golf Resort. It has 6 water parks located within it. 3 indoor and 3 outdoor. By the way, The Wisconsin Dells is known as "water park capitol of the world."

Each day we spent pretty much the entire day at the water parks. Everyone had a blast. Max, who I thought would be freaking out, had such a fun time. He thinks he will melt or something if he gets rained on, but 1000's of gallons of water is OK I guess. He loved it. Sam is a fish anyway, so she also loved it. They went down lots of slides. Joe, on the other hand was not as impressed. He didn't want the water spraying all over him or his face. He would rather hang out in the 'baby' areas. Each park had a baby type area for little kids to play in. All the parks were fun. We (adults) rode the Hurricane and the Black Hole. I was afraid to ride the Black Hole at first because I hate going through dark tunnels, spinning around not knowing when my face would be sprayed with water. Well, turns out it wasn't dark, it didn't spin and if you looked a certain direction, your face didn't get sprayed either. It was a lot of fun! We (all of us -but Ike) rode tube rides. Max even liked the dark tunnels where you can't see a thing. I was not a big fan of those.

None of us got sun-burned!! Yay! We saw people who had to have been in so much pain because they were RED! However, when I went to go pick up my dogs in Springfield after vacation we spent the afternoon at the pool and I got burnt!

Anyway, I did get pictures but not as many as I would of liked. I wasn't going to be toting my camera around a bunch of water! I haven't even looked at all the pictures to be honest. They are off my camera and on my computer but I haven't gotten to them yet.

We came home one week after we left, Saturday. The drive went fine and the kids did great. It was a great vacation.

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