Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthdays, school and silly boys!

First off- Happy 1st birthday to Ike!! He turned 1 last Saturday (the 23rd). Sam's 5th b-day is Friday. So in case I don't post (be surprised if I do!) -- Happy 5th Birthday Sam! We are having their parties this weekend. We are also celebrating their cousin's b-day who is only 6 days younger than Sam.

School started a couple weeks ago. Max started Thursday(14) for 1/2 a day then Sam started Friday (15). Max did fine, well, some adjustment but that is expected. He got out of school at 11:40 that day. He acted fine. Around 3 or so he acted really tired. He was sitting on my bed and started to fall asleep. I told him he could lay down and take a nap if he was tired. He did and was fast asleep. Well within 30 minutes he was awake and sick! So from 3:30 until the next day in the afternoon he dry heaved and threw up the entire time. At first I thought "stomach bug" but the more he carried on the more I thought "strep throat." He likes to make that even more fun by throwing up. I tried to peek into his mouth Friday morning and only saw a sliver of the back of this mouth. It looked red at least what I saw in that 1/4 of a second! I made him an appointment and we got right in. They did the dreaded throat swab and sure enough it was strep! Of course, he was scheduled to have a tonsillectomy 5 days later. That got postponed to Sept 10 now. Anyway, he got his meds and is better now. He has already missed a few days of school though because of it.

Sam is in PM Kindergarten this year. She loves it. She asks me from the time she gets up if it is time for school yet. She has wore a dress everyday but 2 days. Those 2 days she wore a skirt! I have tried to talk her into shirt and shorts but no, she has to look "beautiful" for school. It must be some fashion show or something! I am glad she likes school and I hope her enthusiasm continues! I am pretty sure she is the youngest K at school. In our area the child has to be 5 before sept 1. She beat that deadline by 3 days! She was so ready though. She may not be the smartest, academically, yet- but she has a great imagination, is super social and is very eager to learn. She will catch up in no time I hope. She has never been good at trying to repeat our phone number. She finally has that down- well for the most part. Now, on to address. That may be a little trickier.

Max has been testing his new Para at school. I think he is completely stressing her out. His resource teacher walks him out every day to me. Today her first words were "Max may be getting a new para!" The Para made her (resource teacher) mad today with some things she did. We'll see how that goes. Max basically won't do a thing for the Para and she doesn't know what to do. He acts fine with his resource teacher. He knows she will make him do whatever it is. The Para doesn't do that yet.

Joe is such an ornery 3 year old boy! He loves to play with all the plug ins and anything electronic. He takes the "baby outlet covers" right off so he can plug in something. He also loves to play with water -- and thankfully not at the same time!! He plays with water at our sinks and also outside with the hose. He tries out different sprinklers to see what they do. He was in heaven this afternoon when he spotted several different sprinklers in our garage. He, of course, had to go try them all out! A couple weeks ago we was playing in the master bathroom. I could hear the water go off and on and off and on, etc. After awhile I told him to leave the water off and come out of the bathroom. Well he doesn't listen at all. So a few minutes later I go in to grab him. My jaw hit the floor. He decided to fill my sink up with water and I guess go swimming in it, fully clothed. Everything on the cabinet was swimming in water, along with every drawer in the bathroom. The floor within a 3 foot area was SOAKED! When I stepped on it, my toes went under water. I sucked up about 2 gallons of water with the steam vac and the floor was still soaked. We used towels and they filled up as well. We had 2 fans blowing on the area for about 4 days to finally get it dry. Now I notice when he turns on a faucet! He also has been falling asleep in the afternoon for a nap. (he usually does not nap). The running around to pick the kids up from school I think does him in. being confined to his car seat puts him to sleep. What does this mean? It means he stays up late! Last night it was close to 2 am. He was still going strong even then. I turned the lights off an laid down with him and he went to sleep pretty fast--so did I!!!

Ike is a stinker as well. He climbs, climbs and climbs some more. He did finally figure out to go down slides "feet first" the other day. Of course that is after he went "face first" the first time. He laughs the whole time sliding down and the whole time it takes him to get turned around up at top. He still thinks his umbilical cord is attached to me. I guess I should enjoy the fact that he wants to be with me because I bet in about 12 years, He will be the opposite!


Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Happy Birthdays!!!! Wow that is a lot of birthdays! Enjoy your week of festivities! Hoping for a great school year.

Karen said...

All those birthdays - how fun! I'm glad they're getting on well in school and I hope Max's para learns how to handle him. :)

WheresMyAngels said...

Hey your family is like mine! Monday was Cheyenne's birthday and then this coming Monday is Mercede and my birthdays. We are having a big party on Labor day. Both Mercede and I were born on the 1rst but neither on labor day of that year.

Mercede's class para looks at me odd. I feel like staring back at her the same way. Hope you get things worked out with Max's!

Aysha can't wait til her turn to go to school.

Laura said...

Happy Birthdays! Guess what this works out great your the.....WINNER of the SWAP giveaway. Come by or E-mail to let me know how to mail it to you ! Have a great week end!

Stephanie said...

Sorry this is late, but Happy Birthday, you made me tired, I am sure you are now resting!

Stephanie said...
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SunflowerMom said...

Happy birthdays! Phew, you have a water man like me! I have pictures of my boys fully clothed and dripping wet from the nearest water source! I use it to my advantage at times... ha ha ha!