Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Max's Teacher

As I have said before, Max's principal at school decided to change Max's teacher for this upcoming school year. The teacher he was assigned to will be gone the first half of school (due to breast cancer). We found out who his new teacher will be and who is in his class from Kindergarten. Sadly, only 2 boys that were in his Kindergarten class will be in the same class as Max. The principal had originally had it set up so Max would be in the same class with several of the girls he hung out with. I am hoping a couple of girls that were in his Pre-K class are in his new class this year. However, I have no doubt he will gain several more 'girl' friends. The girls seem to love Max while the boys just see Max as another boy. The girls somewhat "mother" him and try to help him out. Which I love.

Over the Summer Max was invited to one of the girls b-day parties. We were going to be on vacation so he missed the party. The mom told me that at K graduation the girl was crying when the ceremony got over. The mom asked why and her response was, "I'm going to miss Max." Isn't that sweet! Anyway, we took a gift to her after we got back from vacation. While there the girl showed Max around her house. After a few minutes Max and the girl start coming back downstairs. The mom asks, "what are you two up to?" The girl is giggling and somewhat blushed. She then says, "Max kissed me on the check!"

We did met his new teacher Monday. I went up to school to drop something off and to hopefully meet her. She was out at meetings for the morning. We ran our errands (went shopping) and met her at Target! She was with another lady from our school who recognized Max. We talked for a few minutes and I think she will be a good teacher for Max.

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WheresMyAngels said...

Ha Ha that is too cute! Max is a ladies man!! lol