Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sam's friend

Sam will be 5 at the end of this month. Her birthday is the 29th. The cut-off for Kindergarten is before Sept 1. She barely makes that one! She will be going to Kindergarten and is VERY excited about it. She may be the very youngest student in Kindergarten, but oh well. She is ready and will make so many friends. She is a social butterfly. She will talk to anyone, and does! When we are at doctors offices, photo studios, anywhere, she will find someone to talk with and will talk their ear off the entire time. Poor people! It does give my ears a break though.

A few months ago we met a girl up our street. She also will be in K this year (not the same class though). Her birthday is in Oct. So she is almost an entire year older than Sam. Since we met her Sam talks about her all the time. They play together any chance they get, which is several times a week. She is in day care during the day or it would be much, much more.

I have always thought Sam was pretty bossy. Wherever we went Sam was always the "leader" with the other kids. All but once when a group of girls would not play with her and kept trying to run away from her. She didn't give up and even went over to tell them bye when we were leaving. So back to this girl up the street. She is SO bossy. I have no idea why Sam wants to play with her all the time. This girl tells Sam what to do every second they are together. It is either this girls way or your gonna hear about it. She is an only child if that has anything to do with it! The other day on the slip-n-slide this girl wanted Sam to race her down the slide, side-by-side. However, when Sam got in front of her, winning the race, the girl would yell at Sam for doing it the wrong way. I noticed when the girl was in front, everything was just perfect- well for about a second and a half- until she had to yell about something else.

Pete has told Sam to not put up with it. I have even mentioned to Sam that this girl is very bossy and I'm not sure why she wants to play with her so much. I also look at it as good practice for "life"- there will be people out there who think they are the best at everything and that everything has to be done only their way. Sam will figure this out and hopefully find a good way to let this girl know she is not always right.


Debbie Yost said...

We have 3 other girls on the street that are Diva's age. The one across the street is 7 but also going to 1st grade (her mom waited) I think she is really bossy too. She likes to play with the older girls (7th graders) on our street. She will snub Diva at times. It really bothers me but Diva loves to play with her. Sometimes we just have to stand back and watch. It's sure not easy, though.

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

My kids all had late birthdays. So they were all almost 6 by the time they started kindergarten.

Maybe Sam's friend will get better with time. It may just be an adjustment period with school just starting. Just a theory though.

WheresMyAngels said...

I wish Aysha was old enough to attend kindergarden.

Have you ever tried to talk to the other girl? I know that is hard to do since you aren't her parent but I think I would recommend it to see if it helps.