Tuesday, August 12, 2008

We got a Wii

After a couple of months talking about it and looking into it we finally got a Wii last week. I compared priced online and in stores. I called a few stores but nobody had them in. A few days later I called Wal-mart again and they had gotten 3 in. The kids and I go up and buy one. By the way, Wal-mart is $240 for the game console, $40 for the Wii Play games (comes with extra remote) and $20 for a nunchuck. Online, however, they only offer "package deals" which the lowest was $600 last I looked. Ebay has the exact same set up I got for almost $400. I Paid $330 for ours. That is just in case you have been thinking about buying one for yourselves. Max loves the Wii- surprise! He loves anything electronic. Sam also likes it and Joe does too but gets bored easily. Here a couple of pictures of Pete and Max from their boxing game.

Is that a ghost in that last picture? No- sadly, I think it might be sand on the INside on my camera from the beach in Cape May.


Laura said...

Max is so cute, that sweet face. looks like he was having a good time.

datri said...

Oh, I just LOVE our Wii! I can't wait until the kids are back in school so I have time to do the Wii Fit again.

WheresMyAngels said...

My husband has it all, PS3 XBOX360 and now the Wii. Yest I never seen anyone using any of them!