Monday, September 29, 2008

Math tips???

Max's teacher sends home a math problem every Friday that is due the following Friday. They are pretty simple problems- remember they are 1st graders! However, they are not simple for Max. I use manipulatives to help him "get it." In his IEP one goal is to have Max work X amount of problems using numbers 0-9 with the use of manipulatives. OK, so this weeks problem is pretty challenging for Max. First- I am going to have to change this problem for him- I know that. The problem is: J's family has 9 ears of corn. J's dad eats 3, J's mom eats 2 and J eats 1. How many are left? I cut out ears of corn using yellow paper and some scrapbook scissors (at least there are getting used!) I had Max count out 9 then told him someone ate 3, what should we do. I re-worded this different ways but he just would not do it. I have tired 2 different nights. Tonight he layed his head down while working on this and acted tired. I asked if he was tired -yes- so I layed down with him and he went right to sleep. Maybe he is not feeling well. Anyway- to my point- does anyone have any good teaching tips to help Max learn Math? I know a couple of my readers home school and may have some great tips to share. I emailed the local Ds group here and asked if they have any books about teaching Math in their lending library. They have a couple. So I will be looking at which one to check out and try.

I figured for this weeks problem I will break it down. 9-3; 6-2; 4-1; OR 3+2; 5+1; 9-6. That way, he is doing his math work for class but also working towards his goal for his single digit (0-9) problems.

On to a good note- Max got 4 out of 5 correct on his spelling test. After trying a few different methods for Max they figured one out that I think will work. The class has 10 words plus 2 bonus words each week. Max will have 5 words. each word will be spelled out correctly and also scrambled for him to circle the correct word. ie- allb, ball, llba. I wasn't so sure of this but he did great last Friday with this. I tired the night before trying to get him to circle the right word. After much struggle he finally would do it. I figured at school he would pitch a huge fit about it. The Para said he did fine though. Side note- he is getting a new para. the other one is gone so now it is everybody switching around to help Max out. Not really the ideal situation for him. He likes to test boundaries.

Any Math tips to share????


Laura said...

OK, I'm NO help...I think your doing a great job...I think it will take time...UGH...yes just time :) Way to go on the spelling!

Christine said...

Maybe you could have 9 people sit at the kitchen table and act out the word problem. The reality might be what he needs to "see" the problem. The way I see it you only study Math so you can use it in real life anyway not on worksheets and tests. Make it real and hands on with real corn on the cob. :)
Christine @ Live to Learn

the collins clan said...

LOL! He is in 1st grade right??? That is years more advanced then my son (4th grade) who is just getting started with numbers so I really can't help much. We are doing dot to dots and number flash cards. And Max spells!!! WOW! Sounds like you are doing great with him! Good luck on getting his new para. Hope it's a good match!

michaeledlavitch said...

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