Saturday, September 20, 2008

my Dog Ralph

Max continues to do well after his surgery. I don't think he snores as much any more. He still snores but maybe after a few weeks that will be gone. I just really hope that this winter he won't keep getting strep like last year.

My dog Ralph is reaching pretty old age. He is sick right now. I have 2 dogs, Ralph and Baby. They are brother and sister. I have had them since they were in their mommy's tummy. The mom (pookie) had bladder cancer and had to go to dog heaven about 6 years ago. She was roughly 12 years old. Ralph and Baby are 15 years old. Almost 15 1/2! Ralph acts his age and is pretty much deaf, moves slowly and does pretty much nothing. The last visit to the vet I was told he had fluid around his heart (congestive heart failure) and asked if he coughed much. At the time, no I didn't notice that. Well of course ever since then I notice he does cough! Thursday night he starting making a strange sound. This has continued since. It's kinda a bark/howl/moan sound. He does it while resting. I was 90% sure it was "his time" if you get what I'm saying. So Saturday morning he is not better. My parents are in town to help us with expanding our deck. So we leave the kids with them and go to the vet. I was already crying just thinking about having to send him to dog heaven. The vet, which I had never seen this one before, said he sounded great and the physical was fine. He may have cancer but she didn't feel any internal masses. She sends us home with arthritis medicine to try for him. He also will not eat anything. He hasn't since Thursday or somewhere around then. I'm sure the vet office (along with Pete) thought I was crazy for being so upset. I have had him for half my life you know! Still, I'm pretty sure his time is coming soon. However, I have been saying this for years now!

Joe took a nap this afternoon/evening so he will now be up till around 1 or so. I will be trying to get him to sleep much sooner! I am so tired tonight. Joe has gotten this habit of taking a nap when I pick up the kids from school and them staying up WAY too late. I'm sure you know who stays up with him! I then get up at 6:45 to attempt to wake Max for school. School starts at 8:30 but Max is a slow eater, slow dresser, slow everything in the morning! I try to get him up around 7 but it usually is about 7:30 before he finally gets up. Anyway- just saying I am tired!

And now a picture of ralph from his 15 birthday....


WheresMyAngels said...

Oh, poor thing. He has been with you forever so I can see how upsetting this would be for you. Hope he is okay.

Hope Max stops the snoring. Cheyenne had to have surgery on her lingual tonsil also, years after her T&A.

Karen said...

Ralph is beautiful! He certainly doesn't look his age. Hopefully he's with your family for a few more years.

Debbie Yost said...

Sorry about your puppy. Getting old is no fun. Hopefully he's not in any pain, though.