Monday, September 22, 2008

Temper, Temper!!

Ike is showing his temper more everyday! He is still a huge mommy's boy. He has, however, gone up to daddy a few times wanting to be held recently. GOOD- Maybe he will let go of my leg long enough for me to actually walk across the kitchen without him attached.

So the other day Joe built a "Cascar"- this is of course a Lego car that has a castle built onto it. Joe is creative. Ike either accidentally or on purpose knocked a block off Joe's cascar. Joe grabbed Ike's cheek and pinched it. As I was getting on to Joe for this, Ike reaches over to the Cascar and destorys it!! He rips that thing apart so not one block it still together. He was also yelling while ripping into it! Ike showed him!

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Laura said...

I have a playmate for him...Wesley! His temper is the worst, yet he is so loving go figure. You just got to love them!