Thursday, November 20, 2008

six things about me

I was tagged for this from Blessed with girls a while back....

Also- hop on over to her blog to visit. Her husband is in the hospital right now.

OK- so six things about me that you may not know...

1. I never wear make up. I do wear lip gloss but that is it! I don't get why people plaster the stuff all over their face.

2. I like frogs. I have several frog 'figurines' and also got a frog tattoo on my lower back when I was 18 years old.

3. I am a simple person. I'm not into fancy items. Example- dinnerware/china, silverware and all that jazzy stuff from the kitchen.

4. I love pictures. I have tons of pictures plastered all over the house!

5. I am told by many people that I must have a lot of patience. Usually this is when I have kids climbing all over me and trying their best to distract me but I act like nothing is going on. So maybe I have patience- but I'm not sure if I will ever have enough!!

6. My house is always a mess! Even if I do pick up all the crap the kids drag out - within a day they have it trashed again. One more I guess I could add to this-- I don't understand why people make the beds every single morning. We generally just pull the blankets up and call it good. My mom always had me make my bed. Why? It's going to be unmade again at the end of the day!

Now for tagging 6 more people... Let's see, I don't remember who all has done this already so if you have done it, ignore the tag!

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Friday, November 7, 2008

School Halloween parties

At school the kids had a costume parade then the parties. Max's and Sam's classes are very close together so that was a bonus for me. Joe, Ike and myself watched the parade then went to Sam's class for the beginning of the party. We then skipped on over to hang out in Max's class for a short time and finished back up in Sam's class.

Here is Sam making finger print spiders.

Joe and Ike entertained themselves by playing (or eating!) legos.

Max playing Bingo with some friends. His Para dressed up as a biker chick.

Notice her arm? It is a 'tattoo' saying "Max" -- pretty neat!
Joe kept busy playing with these shapes and grouping them together for each number
Back at Sam's class Ike ate some "bones"
These kind of bones..... bread stick bones!
Ike also kept busy climbing the bookshelves.

The parties were fun. The kids enjoyed them.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Halloween Night

Here are my 4 kiddos before heading out to collect their loot! The night was perfect! You could not ask for more perfect weather. The kids filled their buckets!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ok- stop filling my mailbox now!

So glad the elections are over! This picture is from ONE day of junk mail- all election crap. Most of them just bash the other running mate instead of actually stating what they believe/support.