Monday, December 29, 2008


April 28, 1993 - December 26, 2008

Here are a few pictures of Ralph...

He was 15 1/2 years old. He kept having bladder problems. Although the vet could not feel anything in his bladder I think he had cancer somewhere in there. His mother had bladder cancer and his symptoms were a lot like hers. She went to dog heaven 6 years ago yesterday. So far, Max is the only one that has asked about Ralph. I figured Sam would be the first.

Ralphy will be missed.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


The kids love the Wii. We have had it since late summer time. Sam loves making new Mii's and if there was a game of just making Miis- she would love it. I bought her the Petz Dogs 2 game. She likes that game but I think she is too young for it. It would be good for about a 10 year old. You have to do a lot of reading. It is different tasks you go and do while unlocking more maps. There are snakes, bears and a few other mean animals out there. This means when she plays this game, I am usually there with her and a lot of the time completing the task for her. It has 4 places (slots) to save the games. If you want to switch dogs, you have to start all over. Which was done several times. Max has also formatted the Wii, therefore erasing all saved games. Start over again! We got pretty far in the game, saved it and stopped playing for the night. The next day, we had a power surge. The Wii would not work- neither did the neighbors. Pete figured out you had to unplug it, wait 90 seconds the try agian. It worked. Guess what, games were gone!! So irritating! So start over again. A few days later, Max was playing it and saved all his games over Sam's, erasing all her games- again!!

Right now Tanks is a favorite game from the Wii Play games. Also, Sam and Max see how many medals they can get for different Miis playing the Play games. It is usually a race after school on who is going to play the Wii first. Joe LOVES Sonic. It is a gamecube game (they can play on the Wii as well). However, it stopped working after Sam stomped on it when she was mad at Joe. Santa has another copy of that game he plans on leaving for Joe.

Max likes playing around with everything on the Wii- That is how he learns the ins and outs of things. He has formatted the Wii at least once (probably way more times), he has "reset" the Play games several times (making us restart all the games over), he has erased every single Mii we had saved, and once he even changed our language to Spanish. That was fun too!

Max is a pro at the sports games- especially bowling. He kicks my butt every time. I think I have beat him 2 times. That is it! Boxing- also a pro. He played with the next door neighbor boy who is a little older than him and creamed him- 3 times. The neighbors have a Wii so he knew how to play. Within 7 seconds of the first game Max had him knocked out. The next game was almost as bad. I suggested they play another game!

Ike loves having a wii remote and "playing" the games as well. He also thinks you can switch the TV channels just by shaking the TV remote.

The Wii is fun!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

funny story.. or gross one!

Ok, sorry for the lack of updates. I just really haven't been on the computer much lately. I do have a funny story that happened after that last sickie post.

I was getting lunch ready for Sam, Joe and Ike. Joe and Ike were standing on stools in the kitchen so they could see what was going on -- I think stools are a standard in our kitchen. The kids always fight over them and always have them lined up along the cabinets. Anyway- they wanted pancakes for lunch. I had 3 plates, each with a pancake, cut and waiting for syrup. I get in the silverware drawer to get forks. Ike thinks if I get something out of that drawer, he too has to get something out. So he opens the drawer grabs a few things and leaves the drawer open. I put the syrup on the pancakes and as I am putting that away Ike decides to throw up. He got the cabinet, the counter, the floor, the stool and yes, about a 1/4 of the silverware drawer. Wasn't that nice of him. So Joe starts dry heaving. I tell him to stop looking at it (the puke) as I grab a towel. Sam also starts dry heaving. I make her leave the kitchen. Joe finally pukes. Hitting the counter, cabinet, floor and stool. Ike heaves again and this time includes his plate of food for the target.

I think we are all pretty much better by now. Ike has had a fever off and on but acts pretty normal. He is always hitting his face on something. I don't know how he doesn't have bruises all over him. Yesterday he was climbing on the bottom of the cart at Sam's while I checked out. As he was climbing out he somehow didn't catch himself with his hands but used his face instead. He cut his lip with this tooth. Today he has hit his face about 3 times on different things.

Monday, December 8, 2008

runny noses, pink eye, croup and vomit...

Do you want some of this? Come and visit us. You're sure to get something fun!

All the kids have had runny noses for a few weeks. They are pretty much cleared up now but Ike. I now have a cold and I think Pete does too. Max had Pink eye, which of course meant I did too! Luckily though it did not spread through our house like wildfire. Ike had croup a week ago and is just now getting over it- only to have a cough/cold. Joe also has croup and I hope is getting over it as well. Yesterday Ike puked 3 times. He doesn't act that sick. He has been sleeping in later though-- which is nice! However all the kids have been going to bed way to late. Maybe that is part of it!

So- if you would like some crazy fun, come hang out with us.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

deck-before and after

We have talked about making our deck bigger for some time now. It was 10x10 feet (I think). Really not big enough to do much on. It was full of stuff- grill, glider/rocker bench thing, some plants and a few kid toys. That was it and it was full. My parents made a new deck for their house a couple years ago. It is big and nice. My brother pretty much did the whole thing (with 'help' from dad!). So we asked my brother if he wanted to help us build a bigger deck. He was in. It took us 8 weekends (I think) to do it. Lots of help from everyone. After the Buddy walk- do you know what our families did- that's right- we put them to work.
We are not completely done. but we will finish it up in spring. We are looking for some type of roof/awning and will replace the original railing as well. We will also put a kid play area on the bottom, under the deck.

So now here are the pictures! ............

Our deck BEFORE

Our deck AFTER (about 14x40 feet)

The kids slide that ends in the rock pit.