Wednesday, December 17, 2008

funny story.. or gross one!

Ok, sorry for the lack of updates. I just really haven't been on the computer much lately. I do have a funny story that happened after that last sickie post.

I was getting lunch ready for Sam, Joe and Ike. Joe and Ike were standing on stools in the kitchen so they could see what was going on -- I think stools are a standard in our kitchen. The kids always fight over them and always have them lined up along the cabinets. Anyway- they wanted pancakes for lunch. I had 3 plates, each with a pancake, cut and waiting for syrup. I get in the silverware drawer to get forks. Ike thinks if I get something out of that drawer, he too has to get something out. So he opens the drawer grabs a few things and leaves the drawer open. I put the syrup on the pancakes and as I am putting that away Ike decides to throw up. He got the cabinet, the counter, the floor, the stool and yes, about a 1/4 of the silverware drawer. Wasn't that nice of him. So Joe starts dry heaving. I tell him to stop looking at it (the puke) as I grab a towel. Sam also starts dry heaving. I make her leave the kitchen. Joe finally pukes. Hitting the counter, cabinet, floor and stool. Ike heaves again and this time includes his plate of food for the target.

I think we are all pretty much better by now. Ike has had a fever off and on but acts pretty normal. He is always hitting his face on something. I don't know how he doesn't have bruises all over him. Yesterday he was climbing on the bottom of the cart at Sam's while I checked out. As he was climbing out he somehow didn't catch himself with his hands but used his face instead. He cut his lip with this tooth. Today he has hit his face about 3 times on different things.


SunflowerMom said...

omg what a mess!!!!!!!!!!

WheresMyAngels said...

That has me rolling! I'm laughing so hard. It really sounds like a TV episode to me.