Thursday, December 18, 2008


The kids love the Wii. We have had it since late summer time. Sam loves making new Mii's and if there was a game of just making Miis- she would love it. I bought her the Petz Dogs 2 game. She likes that game but I think she is too young for it. It would be good for about a 10 year old. You have to do a lot of reading. It is different tasks you go and do while unlocking more maps. There are snakes, bears and a few other mean animals out there. This means when she plays this game, I am usually there with her and a lot of the time completing the task for her. It has 4 places (slots) to save the games. If you want to switch dogs, you have to start all over. Which was done several times. Max has also formatted the Wii, therefore erasing all saved games. Start over again! We got pretty far in the game, saved it and stopped playing for the night. The next day, we had a power surge. The Wii would not work- neither did the neighbors. Pete figured out you had to unplug it, wait 90 seconds the try agian. It worked. Guess what, games were gone!! So irritating! So start over again. A few days later, Max was playing it and saved all his games over Sam's, erasing all her games- again!!

Right now Tanks is a favorite game from the Wii Play games. Also, Sam and Max see how many medals they can get for different Miis playing the Play games. It is usually a race after school on who is going to play the Wii first. Joe LOVES Sonic. It is a gamecube game (they can play on the Wii as well). However, it stopped working after Sam stomped on it when she was mad at Joe. Santa has another copy of that game he plans on leaving for Joe.

Max likes playing around with everything on the Wii- That is how he learns the ins and outs of things. He has formatted the Wii at least once (probably way more times), he has "reset" the Play games several times (making us restart all the games over), he has erased every single Mii we had saved, and once he even changed our language to Spanish. That was fun too!

Max is a pro at the sports games- especially bowling. He kicks my butt every time. I think I have beat him 2 times. That is it! Boxing- also a pro. He played with the next door neighbor boy who is a little older than him and creamed him- 3 times. The neighbors have a Wii so he knew how to play. Within 7 seconds of the first game Max had him knocked out. The next game was almost as bad. I suggested they play another game!

Ike loves having a wii remote and "playing" the games as well. He also thinks you can switch the TV channels just by shaking the TV remote.

The Wii is fun!


Laura said...

The Wii sounds like lots of fun!

Can you believe Santa will be here in less than a week??

Karine Webster said...

hello Jenny
your blog is beautiful and your kids are adorable, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog I love to read it, ah sorry my English is not very good, ahah i'm from Brasil

have a great week

Kim said...

I think I need to check out this Wii. Everyone is talking about them. My kids haven't asked for one yet.

McKenna said...

We don't have a Wii....but I love me some Guitar Hero on my husband's XBox. :)

WheresMyAngels said...

Wow, Max sounds like he is alot like my girls. We finally gave their computer to a friend of mine because they kept messing up the settings and my husband was sick of redoing it all.

I do love my Wii fit and so do all the kids, although Mercede will only do the Yoga part.

Karine lies, her English is pretty good except on rare occasions like when she thought I said my kids were ugly!! lol Long story but it cracked me up. She is such a beautiful person.