Sunday, January 4, 2009

What a week!

Last week started off a trip to the ER. Last Sunday Ike was trying to push Joe off the stool in the kitchen. He's 1 and what he wants, he thinks he should have! He either got mad and threw him self down (which he does A LOT!) or slipped while pushing on Joe. Either way, he hit his mouth on a drawer I had open or the floor (not sure which). He started crying (loudly) so I say to him, "yeah, you fell, didn't you?" in a tone- maybe you should not be pushing people off chairs/stools. I bend down to pick him up and the bottom of his mouth was full of blood (this was only about 3 seconds after it happened, by the way), and I noticed a little slit under his lower lip that was also seeping blood. gross. I give him a wet, cold washcloth. I take him downstairs, hand him Pete and ask him to check if he jabbed his tooth through his lip. I had to sit (ok, lay) down cause the blood was making me sick. I am a wimp. I felt like I was about to pass out. So Pete agrees, it looks like he split his lip open- by way of his tooth. I didn't really think they would stitch that up being the place it was. I also knew that calling any doctor or hospital and asking about it they would say-- bring him in so we can look at it. SO we call my sister, she's a nurse. granted, not ER nurse, rather a neurosurgery nurse. Still she may know. Her son split his lip open a couple years ago and he got stitches. I take Ike to the ER. We were out of there in about an hour. The admitting nurse told me they don't stitch lips up unless they go up and down and actually include the lip. As in, split all the way up. That was good to hear. When we saw the ER doctor, he left it up to me. He said he "had the time" if I wanted it stitched. But really he didn't need them. Well, if he doesn't need them, then he is not getting them. The next day you couldn't really tell anything happened. It is almost completely healed now, a week later.

So an exciting beginning of the week. To make the rest of the week fun, everybody but Pete has had a stomach bug. I think we are finally getting over it. Saturday the weather was beautiful and we were feeling pretty much better. It was in the 60's here. Not common for Kansas in December!! We went to the zoo, walked around and saw some animals. Got done, went and ate dinner and the weather was really cooling off. Alright, it was cold by evening time. I don't think it got above 30 degrees today.

Kids go back to school Wednesday. I am dreading that morning already!


Debbie Yost said...

I had to skim the blood and lip description. I still get squeemish on that stuff! I'm glad he's ok, though.

School back on Wednesday! School back on Wednesday!!!!! It will be so nice to get back on schedule around here!

aj said...

WOW - Ike knows how to follow in his big sister's steps, LOL! Glad it didn't need any stitches and has already healed. You sound like my Joe on the veiwing of blood part, LOL. Hope you have all recovered from the bug and are feeling top notch for school tomorrow. Thanks for the great Christmas picture! aj

Karen said...

Micah did that same thing when he fell going up the steps. We were told not to stitch because he'd chew them out (smart move) but he was put on antibiotics to keep it from getting infected with all the food going in and out. You weren't given any?

WheresMyAngels said...

I hate the pukes, I hope you get to feeling better.

Glad it didn't need stiches.

Cheyenne fell when she was young. She hit the corner of a desk at her OT's office. Blood was spurting everywhere, we didn't know whether to call an ambulance. Turns out it was just a tiny cut. Her hair was full of blood though and we left and went to sonic to get her something to calm her down. Her matted hair scared the waitress pretty bad!

Karine Webster said...

oh my god, I am so sorry about your son, wow !!I can imagine the pain he felt, I hope he is feeling better

geat week !!

Laura said...

Poor boy, glad he's ok. I don't enjoy going to the ER.

Glad the bug is gone and you had a nice weather day and trip to the zoo...sounds like fun!

Tracey said...

Sorry to hear about the little guys lip! We have taken several trips to the ER broken nose, stictches etc... Not fun! I am glad the wait wasn't too long! So to brighten up your week - stop by my blog. I left a little something for ya!