Thursday, February 26, 2009

strike two for Ike

I'm telling you Ike is going to kill me one of these days.

Tuesday Ike had his 18 month check up. He got shots and was tested for strep. My throat was sore and I asked if his was red to test it. It said negative. However, Thursday afternoon I got a call saying that it was indeed strep. Nice. I have been on deaths bed for 2-3 days now. I am finally getting a little better. Ike now has meds that he started tonight. He doesn't act sick but he is still on meds. Maybe a blessing in disguise.

So Tuesday evening, I get Ike ready for bed. I gave him some Tylenol since he had shots that day. He knows it's bed time so avoids his room like the plaque. He instead runs to the kitchen and is standing on our sturdy step stool we keep in there for the kids. (It's easier to kick out of the way than a chair!) He is playing with a few bowls and cups I have soaking with water. I run down stairs to tell Joe he needs to come up. I come back up and just as I was entering the kitchen Ike slips and falls. He stands up and has blood all around his mouth and dripping bright red blood on the floor and his PJ's. I pick him up, trying to see where the blood is coming from. Did he bite his tongue off? Did he stab himself with something? Are all his teeth still there? All this while I get a washcloth with cold water for him. Finally I see it. He has jabbed his tooth through his lip-- again!! seriously. This time I think it was a different angle, different tooth. I believe his top tooth poked the outside of his bottom lip and went in. Well, since being at the ER less than 2 months ago for the same thing I knew better this time. They said they only stitch if it goes up through the lip (a 'split' lip). Good thing he already had Tylenol. This time it looks like he has a slit then 2 slits on both sides. I could not get a great picture because he insisted I get a picture of his bloody washcloth and shoved that in front of the camera most times. The next day he looked pretty bad. Huge fat lip and the inside cut looked pretty gross. So now that is on antibiotics for strep, I should not have to worry about infection in his lip.
Here is Ike only a few minutes after it happened. Like I said, the picture does it no justice.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ike's the 1st...

Out of all 4 of my kids, Ike is the first to climb out of the crib. Max, Sam nor Joe ever climbed out of the crib. Ike has been somewhat protesting going to bed the last couple of weeks. So last night I get him to bed and after 45-60 minutes of him crying I finally go in to hold him for a few minutes. He calms down fast and is happy that I'm holding him. After awhile I put him back into bed. He of course starts crying all over again. I knew he would. About 30 seconds after I leave the room I hear a "thump" and then another noise. I go to his door and open it up. Sure enough Ike is standing at his door. I could not put him back in his bed now. He would have climbed right back out. So I decide, fine, he can stay up and then go to bed with me. Pete tested his climbing abilities by placing him in his crib then peeking from around the door. Sure enough Ike was half way out of crib in about 2 seconds. He is not even 18 months old yet! Almost, but not yet!

Max and Joe both switched to a toddler bed around 27 months old and Sam was about 21 months. Ike is 17 1/2 months old. I had to switch his crib into the toddler bed today. I dreaded bed time tonight. However, since he went to bed late tonight he fell asleep in my arms. I just laid him down and he stayed asleep. We'll see how tonight goes. I dread tomorrow night though!

Last night since he went to bed with me, he didn't get to bed until around 12. That is way late for the little guy. It also took him awhile to get comfy. Then I didn't sleep that great because every time he moved I wanted to make sure he did not fall off the bed. He insisted he needed to sleep next to the edge. Anytime I would move him to the middle he cried and worked himself back over. By morning it was me, Ike, Joe and Pete all in the same bed. I got up and left the 3 guys to sleep. Ike got up around 9, crawled out of bed, went to the door, knocked then waited for me to come open it.

Yeah, I know they make crib tents. But I don't know how well they work and I am pretty sure the other kids would destroy it. Do you know how Ike figured out climbing out of his crib? Sam and Joe do it all the time. This last week they were doing it a lot. Ike thought he had to be like the big kids and try too. He never got it done until it was bed time of course!

Monday, February 16, 2009


Max loves Smartees! He uses smartees or fruit snacks to do his math homework every week. So when Joe spotted some giant smartees at the store not too long ago we had to get a couple of them. I knew Max would either love them or not even touch them because they are different. He is very picky! Here is a picture to compare a normal smartee with the super big smartee....

Yeah, the pic is not the best but you get the idea!
I showed them to him and his face lite up and he said "wow!" It was looking good. I opened them up and then he would not even touch them. Drives me crazy. They taste the same but he never figured that out since he would not even try it. That same day I had bought some Smartee valentines candy. They were medium in size and had conversation words on them (like conversation hearts). At that point I figured he wasn't going to eat them either. He still got them for V-day though. To my surprise he ate them!

The gaint smartees were huge and I had never seem them before. Oh well, everyone else got to eat them!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sam's 1st sleepover

Tonight Sam is having another girl stay the night. So this is her first sleepover- or at least having someone else sleep over. It is the girl from up the street. I have wrote about her before. She is the bossy one! She has gotten better. Sam also stands up to her more. I'm sure being in school all day with other kids this girl has realized the world does not only revolve around her. She has been inviting Sam to stay the night with her for a few months now. Usually there is a reason it doesn't work out. Today she asked her mom on the phone if Sam could stay the night with her. The mom said she didn't care. However, Pete decided he wasn't comfortable with it. And Sam stills wears a pull-up/diaper at night so I was pretty sure Sam would be somewhat embarrassed about that. We decided the girl could stay here instead IF that was OK with her mom. It was. So now we have 2 tents set up in the living room for a "camp out." Sam always thinks that is cool.

I asked the mom what time the girl usually goes to bed. She said 9 or 9:30 up to 10 on the weekends. I also asked if she needed to be home by a certain time in the morning. No. Good! Then as we were walking out the door the dad told her she needed to be ready for church in the morning and that it starts at 9. WOW! Do you remember my post about Sam still being asleep at 10? I have a feeling the parents maybe waking us up in the morning!
My kids are night owls. Last night Sam and Joe (they are the latest of night owls) went to bed around 1. That should explain the sleeping in-huh?!

Right now all the kids, but Ike, are running around like crazy. Jumping down the stairs, chasing each other, yelling, screaming, you name it. Poor Ike is in bed crying. I put him to bed a little bit ago and he obviously thinks he should still be up as well.
Tonight should be interesting!

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!! Hope everyone has a great day. Right now it is 10 am. Joe and Max JUST got out of bed. Ike has been up for an hour. Sam and Pete are still in bed. It won't be long till at least Sam is up since these boys are loud! I love sleeping in!

Monday, February 9, 2009

I've been MIA!

Well, not really. Feels like it though. Last week most of us had a cold or something that was going around anyway. Ike started it then shared with Sam, Joe and Me. Wednesday evening I was starting to feel tired and had a pretty sore throat. Thursday I felt like crap and didn't do much all day but the bare minimum.

Friday was a busy day and I still felt like crap. So I made a doctor's appointment for that afternoon. The kids were out of school that day. All 4 kids had a dental cleaning that morning. It went pretty smooth. Max did awesome considering it has always been pure torture to everyone involved. Trying to do sealants was still too much to ask! Maybe soon. He did get 2 x rays. His first ever. I could see his adult teeth. His bottom 2 teeth look like a "V" shape. Poor Max. I sure hope they straighten out somewhat before they pop out. I still think it will be awhile though before he has any loose teeth. Ike did great. It was his first appointment. He even got his teeth cleaned as well. After that we got my oil changed and had about an hour to kill before my appointment so we went to a park. It was swamped!! The kids had fun running off some energy though.

Then my appointment came. The kids were crazy by this time. The doctor said I got the worse throat for the day award. By the time I go to the doctor it is usually pretty bad! He said I would need a strong antibiotic and some steroids for the swelling to go down. I could either do this orally or by a couple of shots. Shots would make me feel better by the next morning OR orally could be up to a couple of days. I voted shots. So I got 2 shots in my hips. Fun! Not really. Then I had to wait around for awhile to make sure there was no reaction while the kids tear apart the little room we are in. Thankfully the nurse brought in about 50 stickers so the kids kept busy with those most the time. I was good to go. I still have to take oral meds but I felt better Sunday. I felt much better Saturday even but I still didn't feel great.

This weekend we went out of town to visit grandparents so it was a busy weekend. We got home late last night. Hopefully Max is not too tired at school today.

Today is my birthday! Yay me- another year older!