Monday, February 9, 2009

I've been MIA!

Well, not really. Feels like it though. Last week most of us had a cold or something that was going around anyway. Ike started it then shared with Sam, Joe and Me. Wednesday evening I was starting to feel tired and had a pretty sore throat. Thursday I felt like crap and didn't do much all day but the bare minimum.

Friday was a busy day and I still felt like crap. So I made a doctor's appointment for that afternoon. The kids were out of school that day. All 4 kids had a dental cleaning that morning. It went pretty smooth. Max did awesome considering it has always been pure torture to everyone involved. Trying to do sealants was still too much to ask! Maybe soon. He did get 2 x rays. His first ever. I could see his adult teeth. His bottom 2 teeth look like a "V" shape. Poor Max. I sure hope they straighten out somewhat before they pop out. I still think it will be awhile though before he has any loose teeth. Ike did great. It was his first appointment. He even got his teeth cleaned as well. After that we got my oil changed and had about an hour to kill before my appointment so we went to a park. It was swamped!! The kids had fun running off some energy though.

Then my appointment came. The kids were crazy by this time. The doctor said I got the worse throat for the day award. By the time I go to the doctor it is usually pretty bad! He said I would need a strong antibiotic and some steroids for the swelling to go down. I could either do this orally or by a couple of shots. Shots would make me feel better by the next morning OR orally could be up to a couple of days. I voted shots. So I got 2 shots in my hips. Fun! Not really. Then I had to wait around for awhile to make sure there was no reaction while the kids tear apart the little room we are in. Thankfully the nurse brought in about 50 stickers so the kids kept busy with those most the time. I was good to go. I still have to take oral meds but I felt better Sunday. I felt much better Saturday even but I still didn't feel great.

This weekend we went out of town to visit grandparents so it was a busy weekend. We got home late last night. Hopefully Max is not too tired at school today.

Today is my birthday! Yay me- another year older!


datri said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Laura said...

Sorry you were so sick. Glad to know your feeling better and had a little get away!

WheresMyAngels said...

Shots! Wow, must of been fun.

Happy Late Birthday!

Kristen said...

Sorry you were sick! I have been fighting my own mess too. It sucks! I gave you an "award" on my blog...

Karen said...

Happy birthday! How about next year you shoot for something more fun?