Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sam's 1st sleepover

Tonight Sam is having another girl stay the night. So this is her first sleepover- or at least having someone else sleep over. It is the girl from up the street. I have wrote about her before. She is the bossy one! She has gotten better. Sam also stands up to her more. I'm sure being in school all day with other kids this girl has realized the world does not only revolve around her. She has been inviting Sam to stay the night with her for a few months now. Usually there is a reason it doesn't work out. Today she asked her mom on the phone if Sam could stay the night with her. The mom said she didn't care. However, Pete decided he wasn't comfortable with it. And Sam stills wears a pull-up/diaper at night so I was pretty sure Sam would be somewhat embarrassed about that. We decided the girl could stay here instead IF that was OK with her mom. It was. So now we have 2 tents set up in the living room for a "camp out." Sam always thinks that is cool.

I asked the mom what time the girl usually goes to bed. She said 9 or 9:30 up to 10 on the weekends. I also asked if she needed to be home by a certain time in the morning. No. Good! Then as we were walking out the door the dad told her she needed to be ready for church in the morning and that it starts at 9. WOW! Do you remember my post about Sam still being asleep at 10? I have a feeling the parents maybe waking us up in the morning!
My kids are night owls. Last night Sam and Joe (they are the latest of night owls) went to bed around 1. That should explain the sleeping in-huh?!

Right now all the kids, but Ike, are running around like crazy. Jumping down the stairs, chasing each other, yelling, screaming, you name it. Poor Ike is in bed crying. I put him to bed a little bit ago and he obviously thinks he should still be up as well.
Tonight should be interesting!


Kim said...

Hope the sleepover went well! There is nothing better than setting up tents for a sleepover!

Laura said...

Hope all went well, and they got some sleep:)

Debbie Yost said...

Ugh, the dreaded sleepover. I hate them. Too much drama. My oldest was afraid of the dark for the longest time so when she went on sleepovers it was always a hassle. She's better now, but everytime she goes on one she seems to get sick. Plus they stay up late, get up early then I get to deal with a cranky kid all day. Diva's not had a sleepover yet and I'm not looking forward to it. Personally, I prefer letting them stay there till 10:00 or so and then getting bringing them home to sleep. To me, it's the best of both worlds.

Hope it all went well for you. Saturday night can be a hassle for the church goers. :)