Thursday, March 26, 2009

Home from Padre

We had a great time in South Padre Island! The drive was long but wasn't too bad. The weather was great the whole time. A little windy at times. We were there during the official Spring Break week. There were tons of college students everywhere. However they all left over the weekend and we left on Tuesday. So Monday all the crowds were gone. The beach was nice. The water was a little cold but the kids didn't notice! Lots of digging in the sand, running from the waves and just having fun on the beach. We saw lots of Portuguese Man of Wars. All washed up on the beach in the sea weed. We saw one other jelly fish the last day. It was big, clear, round and had the clover mark in the center. It was more than likely dead but Pete put it back in the water for good karma!

I think I gained at least 5 pounds in one week. The food was good every place we went. Pete's parents are down there for the winter in their RV. We stayed with them. We only went out a few times the other times we ate at the RV.

We went to a nature trail and saw an alligator. There was a sign saying Danger: alligator zone or something. But we were pretty sure the sign was there to keep us on the wooden foot bridge (with railing). Nope- there really was an alligator in there. One guy that was walking (a regular there) said he usually sees a female that is 15 feet long there. We also went to a sea turtle rescue place. We saw turtles and left. We saw hermit crabs in 'cove' like areas. The kids thought they were pretty cool.

The drive home felt longer (of course!). We left at 5:30 am, and got home around 12:30 that night. An entire day in the car, with a few stops of course.

I took lots of pictures. However, my camera is still in the car. Once I get my pictures off the camera, I will post a few.


SunflowerMom said...

sounds like fun! looking forward to the pics! said...

Sounds awesome! You guys must not be far from us we live outside of Austin.

aj said...

looking forward to seeing pics - sounds like ya'll had a nice time (even the ride wasn't rough - that's double good :) aj