Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Worm hunting

SO what do little boys do outside besides play in the mud? That's right, they worm hunt!

Joe can spend hours outside looking, collecting and relocating worms. He digs them out of the rock pit, collects them in a jar then lets them go by a place we planted sunflower seeds. He looks for worms pretty much everywhere outside though.

Hunting for worms

Ike with his handful of worms

Joe and his worm

Ike copies everything the other kids do. He follows Joe like a shadow.
The picture below shows Joe and Ike hanging out under the deck. Joe is trying to tell me he is going to make a mudslide but not play in the mud. How does that work? Also, the wood all piled here is the "fire" that Joe built with spare wood. Joe loves to build with just about anything. He has loved the extra wood in the back yard!

Monday, April 27, 2009

a few pictures of Max

So the other week I didn't have any pictures of Max when I posted the other kiddos. Here are a few of Max. He was playing with his voice box (for once) and was having fun pushing things over and over again. Then laughing. And yeah, he found the 'fart' button that night! Thankfully it's not that much of a funny thing he wants to keep doing it over again. Just that one night!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easter eggs

I wasn't gonna post any Easter egg pictures but I changed my mind. Really, this is the first year I have done this with my kids. The thought of little kids and LOTS of dye sort of turns me off from dying eggs. However, I decided I would try it out with the kids this year. Yes, my sister called me a mean mom for not letting them do it before! I just think I wasn't brave enough! Let the fun begin...

Something must be interesting...

Joe decorating his eggs

Our dyed (not decorated) eggs
A 'fancy' egg
Ike loved dipping his hand...
This is the face I got when I told him to stop..
Joe's hands
Max and his finished eggs
Sam and one of her finished eggs (notice her hand)
Sam wasted no time in killing and eating her egg!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Robin's nest

We have this magnolia tree in our front yard...About a week or so ago I noticed a robin building a nest in it. Very cool! We can watch the mother sit on eggs, and then watch the baby birds once they are hatched. Well then I did not see any bird in that nest for at least a week. On Friday I was snooping again and saw a mother robin sitting in it. YAY- she is back! I'm sure the bird feeder only a few feet away is a major perk for her. I tried to snapped photos of her and her nest without bothering her. Didn't go so well! I did get one but it's hard to see. (look in the yellow circle). Then she flew away. oops! So we left her alone and went in the back yard instead.

Mama Robin after she flew out of her nest. She did not go far!

Friday, April 24, 2009


the muddy mud pit in the back yard is a huge attraction to the kids. Below are pictures of a "cleaner" playtime in the mud. Really this is nothing to what I have walked out and seen! Usually I can't even see skin color on feet, hands and part of their legs and arms.



Thursday, April 23, 2009


I think I have been neglecting my blog! With the weather starting to warm up we have been outside much more. I have also gotten through all my pictures from our Wisconsin Dells vacation (from last summer) and posted them on my website. It took me long enough but I finally got it done.

Last Fall we redid our deck. We still need to finish the last parts this Spring/Summer. Like figure out what we what to do for the shading/roof and re-do the steps along with a new concrete slab at the landing. Then after all that we also will be putting rocks under the deck to expand the kid's play area. But for right now we have all the dirt from those big holes under the deck. The kids LOVE the dirt. They like to pour water all over it so it is all MUD. They then decide a mud bath sounds good and proceed to cover themselves with mud. Lets just say the kids have been getting baths a lot more than normal! I think there are at least 10 pairs of muddy shoes out back. Oh well, they have fun.

Hope everyone is enjoying Spring. Now, I need to catch up on my blog reading sometime.

Monday, April 13, 2009

a few pictures

Here is picture of my favorite daughter!! I took this while on Spring break. It was to show that she is getting freckles.

Here is one that Sam took of Me and Joe.

Here is Ike and his big brown eyes.

What? none of Max? I will have to look for a good one that was recently taken and post it.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Don't you love it when...

*** Do NOT continue reading if you are eating! Just warning you!***

Don't you love it when you are finishing stuff up on the computer (like that last blog post) when your little 1 year old comes over, climbs up and sits in your lap? Except your trying really hard to ignore that smell! Then your leg is felling warm. You think- maybe your leg is cold and he is warm. But then again, you think it could very possibly be something leaking out of a certain someone's diaper. You look down..... and you see this.........

OH MY!! Ike got a bath right away!

Monday, April 6, 2009

DnyaVox V -- Max's voice box

Laura has asked to see pictures of Max's voice box. I am finally getting to that. He still only uses it at school and not so much at home. It is also still pretty new to him considering all the stuff on it. It comes with tons of pre-loaded stuff. You can modify it any way you want. Add pictures, change voices, use your own voice, add links (although we have not got that far yet), really - anything you want to do on it, you can probably do. There is a lady that comes to school and tries to show us how to program the thing. She does one or two items each time in hope to not overwhelm us! I think most the people at school are probably better at programming it than I am. I know his para is is! I think she is the one who has done most the programming on it. The pictures actually did not turn out that well.

Here is the carrying bag. We only use this to transport it back and forth from school

As it starts up... (and see the black carry handle? One could use that or a strap that goes across the chest diagionally. Max has a cary "bag" that his Para put on it- her mom made it)
Here is Max's 'home' page.

A page where we have added pictures that states who we are (this is in the video)
And it is acatully a computer with Windows on it! We have it password protected so Max cannot get the the Windows screen. It has internet connection (we have not set it up yet)
And for laughs... a bathroom...
Can you read it....

Yep, for all those boys out there- It comes preloaded with "fart" on it. (see video!!)

OK- I have never added video on here before so here it goes! I used one true media opposed to the blogger one. I notice most poeple use OTM and there must be a reason. I had 2 video but it made it into 1. The first part is just showing you the voice and screen navigation. The last part is for anyone who wants to hear it fart! HaHa