Thursday, April 23, 2009


I think I have been neglecting my blog! With the weather starting to warm up we have been outside much more. I have also gotten through all my pictures from our Wisconsin Dells vacation (from last summer) and posted them on my website. It took me long enough but I finally got it done.

Last Fall we redid our deck. We still need to finish the last parts this Spring/Summer. Like figure out what we what to do for the shading/roof and re-do the steps along with a new concrete slab at the landing. Then after all that we also will be putting rocks under the deck to expand the kid's play area. But for right now we have all the dirt from those big holes under the deck. The kids LOVE the dirt. They like to pour water all over it so it is all MUD. They then decide a mud bath sounds good and proceed to cover themselves with mud. Lets just say the kids have been getting baths a lot more than normal! I think there are at least 10 pairs of muddy shoes out back. Oh well, they have fun.

Hope everyone is enjoying Spring. Now, I need to catch up on my blog reading sometime.


SunflowerMom said...

oh boy, a mud pit! i can imagine the fun they are having with it. i look foward to seeing your back yard updates, you had an awesome start with the new deck. we are still jealous of the slide!

Beth said...

Glad to see a post!! Hope you guys are doing well!! Enjoy the warm weather!