Monday, April 6, 2009

DnyaVox V -- Max's voice box

Laura has asked to see pictures of Max's voice box. I am finally getting to that. He still only uses it at school and not so much at home. It is also still pretty new to him considering all the stuff on it. It comes with tons of pre-loaded stuff. You can modify it any way you want. Add pictures, change voices, use your own voice, add links (although we have not got that far yet), really - anything you want to do on it, you can probably do. There is a lady that comes to school and tries to show us how to program the thing. She does one or two items each time in hope to not overwhelm us! I think most the people at school are probably better at programming it than I am. I know his para is is! I think she is the one who has done most the programming on it. The pictures actually did not turn out that well.

Here is the carrying bag. We only use this to transport it back and forth from school

As it starts up... (and see the black carry handle? One could use that or a strap that goes across the chest diagionally. Max has a cary "bag" that his Para put on it- her mom made it)
Here is Max's 'home' page.

A page where we have added pictures that states who we are (this is in the video)
And it is acatully a computer with Windows on it! We have it password protected so Max cannot get the the Windows screen. It has internet connection (we have not set it up yet)
And for laughs... a bathroom...
Can you read it....

Yep, for all those boys out there- It comes preloaded with "fart" on it. (see video!!)

OK- I have never added video on here before so here it goes! I used one true media opposed to the blogger one. I notice most poeple use OTM and there must be a reason. I had 2 video but it made it into 1. The first part is just showing you the voice and screen navigation. The last part is for anyone who wants to hear it fart! HaHa


SunflowerMom said...

OMG the fart button cracks me up!!! That is such a cool thing! Wow, so many options. I don't know if Sean could work such a complex machine. I bet it takes a while to get used to navigating it.

The Munck Family said...

WOW! I am amazed to say the least! I never would have thought that it could do all this, or looked like this...THANK YOU so much for the details and pictures.

Jonathan really needs this, we really need him to communicate better.
Thanks again, I'm going to bring this up to his doctors.

My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. Wow, the DynaVox has come a long way in 16 years. Sarah used one when she was a toddler, but it was way primitve compared to this one. We thought it really helped with her expressive language. Thanks for the great post. It certainly helps other families and old timers like me keep up with the current technology.

Karen said...

I loved the scenes (like the bathroom) on the DynaVox that we tried. It's so easy for young kids.

Kim said...

Wow! I think I would be overwhelmed with all those options. I can see why you are taught in smaller sessions. Mattie is still so small but I can already tell she is behind with language.

Anonymous said...

Very cool!


datri said...

That's really cool. I was hoping for a more sophisticated device than the 4 button switch that Kayla is currently using, but according to her Assistive Tech evaluation, she's not ready for one yet. My sister in law is a speech pathologist and she was saying that many therapists won't recommend an advanced device unless the kid is responsible and won't throw or drop it! (Kayla doesn't throw, but does tend to drop things on the floor when she's done)