Saturday, April 25, 2009

Robin's nest

We have this magnolia tree in our front yard...About a week or so ago I noticed a robin building a nest in it. Very cool! We can watch the mother sit on eggs, and then watch the baby birds once they are hatched. Well then I did not see any bird in that nest for at least a week. On Friday I was snooping again and saw a mother robin sitting in it. YAY- she is back! I'm sure the bird feeder only a few feet away is a major perk for her. I tried to snapped photos of her and her nest without bothering her. Didn't go so well! I did get one but it's hard to see. (look in the yellow circle). Then she flew away. oops! So we left her alone and went in the back yard instead.

Mama Robin after she flew out of her nest. She did not go far!


aj said...

Cool - you guys get to watch one of the miracles of Spring unfold. maybe you'll be able to get more pics later on. i keep forgetting to tell you that yes, the invisible pic of Joe was a fluke :) a cool one. hope you are all doing well, aj

SunflowerMom said...

Lucky you! I bet that will be fun to keep an eye on. We just got a bird feeder and need to set it up, hopefully our cat won't scare off the birds.