Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who doesn't love Band Aids?

The kids are out of school. Sam's last day was Weds last week and Max had half days Thursday and Friday. 11:40 Friday started our summer! I have plenty to blog about, but do I have plenty of time to do that blogging? not exactly.

Friday at school Max tripped/fell at school while playing ball with some boys. He scraped his elbow. He got sent home with his band aid that he would not put on. So who doesn't like Band aids? Max, that is who! He hates them and completely freaks out about them. His para knows that Max doesn't like them. So I'm sure she didn't push it with him. He's been fine. Last night however, before bed he acted like his arm was broken and signed 'brown' to me then pointed to his elbow. Yes Max, it's brown because it has a scab on it. Scabs are brown. I did notice it was kinda cracked a little so I am sure he could feel it. Not sure how he saw it as it is on the back of his elbow.

This morning he kept picking on Sam. I would leave the room and then peek my head back in. He was right back at it the second I left. Sam rubbed her foot along Max's arm. This in turn peeled some of the scab back making Max's elbow bleed. He starts crying and screaming bloody murder. So I got a band aid, slathered it with neosporin then held Max down and slapped it on there. For the next 20-30 minutes all I heard was crying and whimpering from Max. Oh my gosh, I have a band aid on, my arm will surely fall off because of it.

Being the nice and loving mom that I am, I got the camera out to take a picture of Max in such distress! He didn't want any of it! Imagine that! Here are my 2 attempts...
So I took the band aid off. Usually that fixes the problem and Max is miraculously healed. This time however, the meds had not soaked in yet so he freaked out because he still had gunk on his elbow. He takes me to where we keep the band aids and insisted he wanted one. What?!? I made him pick one out. Spongebob it is. So I stick it on there. He gets up, limps out (yes, literely) and keeps him arm protected. Those band aids effects ALL body parts apparently. He shuffled over to the couch and sat down. I have heard a few wimpers but he seems OK for now.

Kids are so supposed to love band aids. Sam and Joe do. I did as a kid as well. Max, well, Max is a different story!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

She's got talent

About a week and a half ago our school had Talent Show try-outs. Sam begged me to let her be in the talent show. She wanted to sing twinkle, twinkle little star. I kept telling her to watch this year and then next year she could do something. I informed her she would be singing in front to the whole school. She did not care. So on try out day the first thing she said when we picked her up was, "I was in the talent show!" She went ahead and tried out anyway. She said she couldn't remember all the words to twinkle, twinkle she she sung the ABC song instead. I asked her about 75 questions. I wanted to know if she was in it, basically. We were out of town that weekend but left right after school was out. So Saturday I was digging in her backpack and found a slip saying-- congratulations- you will be in the talent show! I'm guessing they turned down no Kindergartners. Today at 1:00 is the talent show. Sam will be up there singing her ABC song. I wonder how she will do up on stage, in front of everybody.

Monday, May 18, 2009


This morning Sam had switch day at school. What's switch day? Well that is where all the kiddos get to meet their next year teachers. Max had it too. It was at 9 this morning, meaning for a girl who sleeps until somewhere between 10 and 11, that was very early! I had her ready for bed around 9:45 last night. She laid down but didn't go to sleep until 11:30 or 12, I'm guessing. She went to sleep after me and I went to sleep "early" last night. Surprisingly, she was up at 7 this morning!! She must have been excited! I woke Max up at 7:30 then Joe got up around 7:45. What is up with them being up so early this morning? Ike woke up around 9:45. Good boy!

Switch day went fine. It was only 45 minutes long. When Sam got home though she had no papers from her new teacher and had no idea who it was. The only thing she knew was one of her friends was going to be in the same class. I emailed her teacher to find out who next years teacher would be.

Sam informed this morning that someone had, yet again, reset the Wii!! ARGH! Remember me saying awhile back that someone did this and we were 4 or so stars away from beating Super Mario Galaxy playing with Mario? We did that and had moved on to Luigi. We had about 35 stars with him. All gone-- AGAIN! it is so irratating. Why in the world did nintendo make it so insanly easy to reset the Wii?? I am really, how often do people WANT to reset the thing?

I have said "close the door" no less than 5,000 times today. Apparently the hands that open the deck door become broken and no longer able to close the door once the kid walks through it. This is a daily thing. Glad we don't have our AC on yet.

Joe's thing lately is asking "WHY" after every single thing I tell him. Today was no exception.

I finished watching the last 30 minutes or so of the movie Juno this afternoon. It was a really good movie. Pete had downloaded the soundtrack awhile back but those songs were awful by themselves. But now since I have seen the movie, the songs sounded pretty good too- at least in the movie. You know what would be nice? Being able to sit down and watch an entire movie in one sitting without interuptions. I remember those days- I think that was about 8 years ago!

At dinner I was slicing carrots into sticks and sliced my finger. Nice. It hurt and bled but nothing too deep. Somewhere in my life I have become such a wimp about blood. As a kid I don't remember blood bothering me. I do remember stabbing my hand with a knife as a teenager and feeling very faint afterwards. That was the first time blood (or I guess stabbing) bothering me that I remember. Pete was wanting me to fold the 'flap' of skin on my finger back so he could see how deep it was. No way. He wanted to know if he did it without me looking would work. No way on that one either. It will heal and be just fine. Maybe I should stay away from knives!

Speaking of Pete--- He has been home since the beginning of Febuary. He does contractiong for software developmentment. His contract was up and with the market being not so good, he has been home without work since then. He has been working on building his own site. He hasn't even been looking for a job. He figured he may start looking in June. Although it has been nice to have him here when I needed, it is also nice to have some space! His company has found him another job and he starts tomorrow! He has to be there at 8 AM- he hasn't seen 8 am in a LONG time. He generally goes to bed somewhere between 3 and 6 AM then sleeps in. You see where my kids get their "night owlness' from now.

Sam's last day of school is Weds. Max's last day is Friday. Thursday and Friday are half days. I'm not sure why they even bother with those 2 days. Whatever- Summer is almost here!! What sucks though is that now the kids are getting out of school and Pete is going back to work.

It's almost 9. A few more hours and I can go to bed! Only 4 kids to get to bed first.....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Max's book

Max made a little book at school.
Here is the cover..Here is the next page...

Then here is the next and last page...

Hmm, I wonder if he had help!!?

Still sweet though!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

which little boy?

Which little boy would dump out all the blocks? Forget about playing with them, there is other stuff to destroy...

Which little boy would knock down every.single.magnet off the fridge? (yes, this is only a small portion of them. The others are probably already being kicked around the kitchen and getting stepped on with bare feet)Which little boy would dump out the dog food? (surprisingly, he left some in it this time!)

Which little boy would then try and eat that same dog food?
The same little boy that insists he wants a pop tart to only smash it up into little sticky crumbs!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Enjoy your day

Happy Mother's Day to all my wonderful mommy bloggy friends out there!
Supposedly 'rainbow' roses are all the rage now. According to the florist I talked too and well, the internet (where I snatched this picture). Personally, I would rather stick with traditional colors.

Have a great day!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Meet Shell-E

Yeah, like Wall-E, only Shell-E.
This little shell has been a true treasure for my kids the last couple of weeks. They call it a pet and talk about it all the time. They carry it around everywhere. No wonder they loose the dang thing all the time! Sam and Joe love this shell so much that I held her (Shell-E, it's a girl) hostage until they picked up all the lego blocks. It worked and they picked up very quickly! Joe 'babysits' Shell-E while Sam is at school. Joe usually ends up misplacing her before Sam gets home. Even Ike's eyes light up when he finds her. He gasps, and quickly snatches her up.
Are you wondering where Shell-E came from? Well from Shell-E's mom and dad, of course!

Umm, I am not sure which one is which though. So my kids have a whole shell family tree here. One day Sam threw Shell-E at the window. NO idea why!! Pete made her sit down and he was going to "throw away" Shell-E. OH MY GOODNESS- the tears!! After Sam got out of trouble he gave it back and she was good again. At least it keeps them busy for awhile.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Max is rough on Crocs!

My kids all have 'crocs'- who doesn't? Well Pete does not, apparently he is too cool for them. Who knew! Max always seems to break the "snap" off. I have thrown away a pair of spiderman ones because of this. Here is the 'snap' I am talking about...

So the other day, Max broke yet again another one. This time I had an idea. I could find something to fix it. What? you think I'm cheap? Well, yeah, I am! Finally I figured a couple of buttons would work. We have about a million of those in our arts and craft stuff. So I dug around found a couple that would work for the job and got busy. Here it is..
Here is the inside of it. So far it has worked great!! I wish I would have thought of this before! But in case your kids are rough on their crocs- here is an idea for you.

Baby is home

I had to go bail Baby out of jail. At least is WAS her and not some other dog. She has had her collar on since she got home. Well not her actual collar, still can't find that one, but I have another one for her. I have already had to get on to Sam for 'leading' her around. We'll see how long we keep it on for!

The important thing though is that she is now home.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We have Robin babies

Remember that really crappy picture of Mommy Robin sitting on her eggs? I had plenty of time to look up all sorts of interesting info on Robin eggs. I was expecting them to hatch Tues/weds/thurs time frame. It takes 12-14 days to hatch. Monday I was suspicious. Tuesday I saw Daddy Robin come by with a worm.

Robins mate for the season and not necessarily for life. They tend to have 3 clutches. They usually lay 3 or 4 eggs. Sometimes 2 if it's the last clutch of the season. They also only lay one egg a day. The mom sits on the eggs while Papa stays in the area. After the babies are hatched, both mom and dad feed babies around 40 times a day. We just thought we had it rough with kids demanding food every few hours!! 9-16 days later the babies are ready to fly on their own. Mommy Robin is usually already out of the picture at this point. She is busy building another nest somewhere else getting ready for more eggs! Mommy Robin will spread herself out when it is raining to keep the eggs/babies nice and dry.

So back to our Robin... She was down one egg a couple days after she laid them. Not sure what happened but I saw the shell on the ground and another finch type bird eating at it. Then Mommy Robin came in and attacked it. It flew off. It was a windy day that day but I doubt if it blew out. Maybe she pushed it out or another bird came to steal it. Either way, it left her with one fewer egg, and that means she had 2 or 3 now.

Tuesday (5-5) I was mowing and I guess the mower scared her off. So I quickly grabbed the ladder so my neighbors and husband could think I was nuts! No, really, I wanted a peek. There were babies in there! I have no idea how many. All I saw was fuzz, not eggs. I also didn't want mommy Robin to think too badly of me so I peeked and got away. She put her nest in a pretty good place. It is HARD to see it, even with a ladder!

So hopefully soon we will get to see the babies hanging out and then trying to fly.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Poor Baby

My dog! Baby the dog. While mowing the lawn this afternoon I left the gates open. Someone let baby out of the house. No big deal really. She is my shadow and is tripping me every time a back up. So when I came in the house I didn't see her but not too worried. We all walked up to school and picked up Max and Sam. Somewhere around 4:30 or 5 I finally started to wonder about her. The kids were eating and she was not around. I asked Pete if he had seen her. No. I look all over the house and the yard. No where to be found! I drove around the area, very slowly, looking for her. Nothing. No splattered dog either- Thank God! She is not that smart of a dog! Pete went running and I was hoping he would come back with her. Nope. I looked up Animal Control to see their website. It was 5:30 and I was pretty sure they were closed so I didn't try calling. The fee is $50-75 I think to bail out a dog. I also figured nobody would turn her in THAT fast. Hopeful she may turn up over night. So I made signs to hang up. I took Max and Sam with me while we walked the area looking and posting signs. I then had 2 different guys stop to tell me she had been picked up in the afternoon. Apparently some older couple found her, held on to her and since no one came looking they called animal control. No, she of course does not have her collar on. DOH!! The kids always try to drag her around if she has it on. Plus she is basically an inside dog. Currently, I have no idea where her collar even is. The kids stole it. I do put Ralph's old collar on her if needed.

Her is the lovely, short and to the point Lost dog poster... (yeah, she is more gray than black in her old age)

Me and the kids get home at 7:30. I quickly look at the animal control site again. They closed at 6:00. double DOH! I SO should have tired at 5:30!! My poor Baby! She is such a nervous dog anyway. They don't open till 10:00. I left a message so they know she has an owner.

I was going to post about Baby anyway- she just turned 16 years old April 28. Here is her birthday picture!