Thursday, May 7, 2009

Max is rough on Crocs!

My kids all have 'crocs'- who doesn't? Well Pete does not, apparently he is too cool for them. Who knew! Max always seems to break the "snap" off. I have thrown away a pair of spiderman ones because of this. Here is the 'snap' I am talking about...

So the other day, Max broke yet again another one. This time I had an idea. I could find something to fix it. What? you think I'm cheap? Well, yeah, I am! Finally I figured a couple of buttons would work. We have about a million of those in our arts and craft stuff. So I dug around found a couple that would work for the job and got busy. Here it is..
Here is the inside of it. So far it has worked great!! I wish I would have thought of this before! But in case your kids are rough on their crocs- here is an idea for you.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

That is a REALLY good idea!!!

Karen said...

That's clever! We fixed one with a horse bridle rivet. It's the same screw that they use, only without the croc emblem. It's a metal stud.

I think the buttons would look cuter.