Friday, May 8, 2009

Meet Shell-E

Yeah, like Wall-E, only Shell-E.
This little shell has been a true treasure for my kids the last couple of weeks. They call it a pet and talk about it all the time. They carry it around everywhere. No wonder they loose the dang thing all the time! Sam and Joe love this shell so much that I held her (Shell-E, it's a girl) hostage until they picked up all the lego blocks. It worked and they picked up very quickly! Joe 'babysits' Shell-E while Sam is at school. Joe usually ends up misplacing her before Sam gets home. Even Ike's eyes light up when he finds her. He gasps, and quickly snatches her up.
Are you wondering where Shell-E came from? Well from Shell-E's mom and dad, of course!

Umm, I am not sure which one is which though. So my kids have a whole shell family tree here. One day Sam threw Shell-E at the window. NO idea why!! Pete made her sit down and he was going to "throw away" Shell-E. OH MY GOODNESS- the tears!! After Sam got out of trouble he gave it back and she was good again. At least it keeps them busy for awhile.