Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Poor Baby

My dog! Baby the dog. While mowing the lawn this afternoon I left the gates open. Someone let baby out of the house. No big deal really. She is my shadow and is tripping me every time a back up. So when I came in the house I didn't see her but not too worried. We all walked up to school and picked up Max and Sam. Somewhere around 4:30 or 5 I finally started to wonder about her. The kids were eating and she was not around. I asked Pete if he had seen her. No. I look all over the house and the yard. No where to be found! I drove around the area, very slowly, looking for her. Nothing. No splattered dog either- Thank God! She is not that smart of a dog! Pete went running and I was hoping he would come back with her. Nope. I looked up Animal Control to see their website. It was 5:30 and I was pretty sure they were closed so I didn't try calling. The fee is $50-75 I think to bail out a dog. I also figured nobody would turn her in THAT fast. Hopeful she may turn up over night. So I made signs to hang up. I took Max and Sam with me while we walked the area looking and posting signs. I then had 2 different guys stop to tell me she had been picked up in the afternoon. Apparently some older couple found her, held on to her and since no one came looking they called animal control. No, she of course does not have her collar on. DOH!! The kids always try to drag her around if she has it on. Plus she is basically an inside dog. Currently, I have no idea where her collar even is. The kids stole it. I do put Ralph's old collar on her if needed.

Her is the lovely, short and to the point Lost dog poster... (yeah, she is more gray than black in her old age)

Me and the kids get home at 7:30. I quickly look at the animal control site again. They closed at 6:00. double DOH! I SO should have tired at 5:30!! My poor Baby! She is such a nervous dog anyway. They don't open till 10:00. I left a message so they know she has an owner.

I was going to post about Baby anyway- she just turned 16 years old April 28. Here is her birthday picture!


Beth said...

Hope you find Baby - how hard!

SunflowerMom said...

Glad he is safe, hope his night in jail went well!