Monday, May 18, 2009


This morning Sam had switch day at school. What's switch day? Well that is where all the kiddos get to meet their next year teachers. Max had it too. It was at 9 this morning, meaning for a girl who sleeps until somewhere between 10 and 11, that was very early! I had her ready for bed around 9:45 last night. She laid down but didn't go to sleep until 11:30 or 12, I'm guessing. She went to sleep after me and I went to sleep "early" last night. Surprisingly, she was up at 7 this morning!! She must have been excited! I woke Max up at 7:30 then Joe got up around 7:45. What is up with them being up so early this morning? Ike woke up around 9:45. Good boy!

Switch day went fine. It was only 45 minutes long. When Sam got home though she had no papers from her new teacher and had no idea who it was. The only thing she knew was one of her friends was going to be in the same class. I emailed her teacher to find out who next years teacher would be.

Sam informed this morning that someone had, yet again, reset the Wii!! ARGH! Remember me saying awhile back that someone did this and we were 4 or so stars away from beating Super Mario Galaxy playing with Mario? We did that and had moved on to Luigi. We had about 35 stars with him. All gone-- AGAIN! it is so irratating. Why in the world did nintendo make it so insanly easy to reset the Wii?? I am really, how often do people WANT to reset the thing?

I have said "close the door" no less than 5,000 times today. Apparently the hands that open the deck door become broken and no longer able to close the door once the kid walks through it. This is a daily thing. Glad we don't have our AC on yet.

Joe's thing lately is asking "WHY" after every single thing I tell him. Today was no exception.

I finished watching the last 30 minutes or so of the movie Juno this afternoon. It was a really good movie. Pete had downloaded the soundtrack awhile back but those songs were awful by themselves. But now since I have seen the movie, the songs sounded pretty good too- at least in the movie. You know what would be nice? Being able to sit down and watch an entire movie in one sitting without interuptions. I remember those days- I think that was about 8 years ago!

At dinner I was slicing carrots into sticks and sliced my finger. Nice. It hurt and bled but nothing too deep. Somewhere in my life I have become such a wimp about blood. As a kid I don't remember blood bothering me. I do remember stabbing my hand with a knife as a teenager and feeling very faint afterwards. That was the first time blood (or I guess stabbing) bothering me that I remember. Pete was wanting me to fold the 'flap' of skin on my finger back so he could see how deep it was. No way. He wanted to know if he did it without me looking would work. No way on that one either. It will heal and be just fine. Maybe I should stay away from knives!

Speaking of Pete--- He has been home since the beginning of Febuary. He does contractiong for software developmentment. His contract was up and with the market being not so good, he has been home without work since then. He has been working on building his own site. He hasn't even been looking for a job. He figured he may start looking in June. Although it has been nice to have him here when I needed, it is also nice to have some space! His company has found him another job and he starts tomorrow! He has to be there at 8 AM- he hasn't seen 8 am in a LONG time. He generally goes to bed somewhere between 3 and 6 AM then sleeps in. You see where my kids get their "night owlness' from now.

Sam's last day of school is Weds. Max's last day is Friday. Thursday and Friday are half days. I'm not sure why they even bother with those 2 days. Whatever- Summer is almost here!! What sucks though is that now the kids are getting out of school and Pete is going back to work.

It's almost 9. A few more hours and I can go to bed! Only 4 kids to get to bed first.....

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The Munck Family said...

Congrats on the work...and the getting the start on his own business.

Bedtime wow, not sure I could function with my kids going to bed so late...I like my nights with my kids tucked away early. I'm a much nicer mom the next day that way :)

Sorry about the Wii :(