Monday, June 29, 2009

8 years ago my life changed forever

8 years ago Max made me a mommy. I can't believe he is already turning 8. Where did that little baby go? The one that could fit all snuggled into my lap while I soaked him up. The stubborn one that would not breastfeed, requiring me to be attached to a breast pump all day and all night (well, it felt like it anyway) until he got the hang of it 3 1/2 months later. The easy going one that only cried if he was hot or really hungry. My little snuggle bug. He is still a snuggle bug just a much bigger one! He now picks on siblings to no end, which he is doing right now. He is still one of the most stubborn people I know! That can be a good thing at times, right?

I miss my little baby but love him even more with each day that passes. Happy birthday to my 'big' baby!

Joe is a big 4 year old now

Joe's b-day was the 23rd. We were driving home the whole day on his birthday. We did have cupcakes to celebrate.

hard to believe this is his last year at home before he starts school. I know it will fly by way too fast.

He was a pretty easy going baby. He then grew to copy everything Sam did. he was her shadow. It has changed in the way that now Ike follows him like a shadow. Joe is just as stubborn as Max. Speaking of stubbornness, he is 4 and still not potty trained! We are working on it now. Ike is very interested in the potty however and will pee in it when he is sat on it--usually. And he wants to sit on it. He will throw a fit if I don't sit him on it.

OK, back to Joe- He is a little engineer always trying to figure things out and build new things. I had some left over rope from a swing. He is in love with that rope. He carries it around like a lovey. His interests change to different things but what ever it is at the time, he is almost obsessed about it.

Happy 4th birthday little guy!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mt Rushmore

I'm still on vacation which hopefully explains my absence here.

We went and saw Mt Rushmore last week. It is very cool. The kids were more interested in the chipmunks running around than the big stone faces on the side of the mountain. There was a display inside that the boys really loved though. It had a tv screen showing part of the mountain (you got to pick which picture you wanted) then the boys got to push down the dynamite plunger and "blow up" that part of the mountain.

Here are me, the kids and the in-laws. (yes I chopped my off- I'll post that later)

I'm not sure you can tell or not (I usually shrink my photos down before posting them) but there are people on Jefferson's head. I asked a park ranger and he said they were doing some sort of search and rescue training and possibly starting on the fireworks that will be going off in honor of July 4th. I over heard another ranger say they were setting up fireworks. So I'm not sure which it really was. They had a zip-line running all the way down though.

Max and Sam both did the Jr Ranger program. Here they are getting their pin/badge.Joe was too young (you gotta be 5) so he threw himself on the floor and threw a fit.

We drove by crazy horse and saw the progress... It will someday be a man riding a horse. Right now his face is it plus a hole where his arm will be above the horse. they have a LONG way to go.

We stayed in the KOA campground and the kids loved it! They had a 'jumping pillow' which was like a huge trampoline crossed with a bouncy house. Here is Max on it.And here is Ike.

They also had mini golf which the kids loved. Here's Joe...
And here's Sam hugging a tree...
They also had a big playground, 2 pools, a hot tub, water play area (like a small water park play area), a big water slide, bikes, and a huge outdoor checker/chess game. We didn't use any of the water stuff. Too cold!

It was pretty to see. kinda chilly but not that bad. We have been in Yellowstone since last Sunday. It is very chilly here! It rains, then is sunny, or vise versa throughout the day. We also got hailed on one day. We have seen a few rainbows and even a couple double rainbows. It is very pretty and i will post about it very soon. We leave here Sunday. We are going through the Grand Tetons then to Jackson, Wy/Jackson hole.

Me and kids are with the in-laws for this trip. Let me just say I think we all need a break!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

going on vacation

Within 24 hours I will be leaving for vacation. I am so not ready! This time it's just me and the kids going with Pete's parents in their RV. Pete just started a new job not long ago and doesn't want to take off so soon. We are going to mt Rushmore for a day or 2 then to Yellowstone for a week (we will meet Pete's brother and his family there) and possible Glacier National Park. That one depends on if we feel up to it!

I need to go to the store today and also wanted to chop my hair off to donate. Ike is still sleeping. yes, it is after 12, and is lunch time, but Ike is still snoozing away. Right now it is dark out and raining. It also just started hailing huge chunks of ice. Bigger than what my ice maker makes! Hopefully it's short lived and when I do drag all the kids out with me in little bit they don't melt in the rain! Sam and Joe like the rain. But Max is apparently made of sugar and melts. Right? That must be why he hates the rain.

I am so behind on reading blogs. I will try and catch up soon...

Friday, June 5, 2009

Wet, Wet, Wet (and not the band!)

Here are a few pictures after playing in the rain...Joe


Ike (wet, muddy and he tracked it in with him!)

Here are my flowers from Mother's day.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

After graduation

After Sam's kindergarten graduation we stayed awhile and played at the playground.

Here is Joe... going UP the slide...
Sam taking on the monkey bars... Go Sam, Go Sam...
Max enjoying the swings
Ike trying out the boy big swings

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sam's graduation

Sam 'graduated' from Kindergarten May 20th. They had a performance with all the kindergarteners. They sung several songs then the teachers called each student and handed them a certificate. The kids would shake the principals hand then were to go find their parents in the crowd. After all the kiddos were with their parents they had a slide show. It was good but man, was it long. As far as I know every student was in it. There are 2 half day K's, and I think 3 full day K's. so 5 classes worth of kids.

Here is Sam before she 'graduated'
Here is Sam with her certificate.
Here is everybody before the slide show. Don't they all look so happy?!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Empty nest

Remember our Robin with eggs, then babies. I wasn't sure how many were in there. I am pretty sure it was only 2. So I think she started out with 3, one hit the ground (still not sure how) so she ended with 2. The parents were busy little birds all day long. They were always coming and going. Finally we could see them hanging over the nest. They were little fluff balls. 15 days after the eggs hatched our Robins were leaving the nest to go live their lifes. That is of course, if they make it. At least 90% of robins do NOT make it past 1 year. I didn't see the first one leave but happened to see the 2nd. S/he was still a fluff ball and pretty tiny. I tired not to spook him/her since they can't really fly for about 2 days after leaving the nest.
It wasn't easy getting pictures of this little guy. I ended up spooking him. He started out right by his nest but the flash scared him and he tried to fly but just landed a few branches down.

A week or so later I got the nest out, it had served it's purpose in life. Maybe another set of birds will make a nest there. Although, none have so far. Here is the nest...
Momma Robin built it good! It was actually wrapped around a branch.

For now, our bird adventure is over.