Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Empty nest

Remember our Robin with eggs, then babies. I wasn't sure how many were in there. I am pretty sure it was only 2. So I think she started out with 3, one hit the ground (still not sure how) so she ended with 2. The parents were busy little birds all day long. They were always coming and going. Finally we could see them hanging over the nest. They were little fluff balls. 15 days after the eggs hatched our Robins were leaving the nest to go live their lifes. That is of course, if they make it. At least 90% of robins do NOT make it past 1 year. I didn't see the first one leave but happened to see the 2nd. S/he was still a fluff ball and pretty tiny. I tired not to spook him/her since they can't really fly for about 2 days after leaving the nest.
It wasn't easy getting pictures of this little guy. I ended up spooking him. He started out right by his nest but the flash scared him and he tried to fly but just landed a few branches down.

A week or so later I got the nest out, it had served it's purpose in life. Maybe another set of birds will make a nest there. Although, none have so far. Here is the nest...
Momma Robin built it good! It was actually wrapped around a branch.

For now, our bird adventure is over.

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Debbie Yost said...

Our baby birds didn't come back this year. :( In fact, the nest fell (or was pushed?) out of the window sill. I was hoping for a 3rd year but no go. Maybe they'll come back someday. It was fun seeing them every morning.