Tuesday, June 9, 2009

going on vacation

Within 24 hours I will be leaving for vacation. I am so not ready! This time it's just me and the kids going with Pete's parents in their RV. Pete just started a new job not long ago and doesn't want to take off so soon. We are going to mt Rushmore for a day or 2 then to Yellowstone for a week (we will meet Pete's brother and his family there) and possible Glacier National Park. That one depends on if we feel up to it!

I need to go to the store today and also wanted to chop my hair off to donate. Ike is still sleeping. yes, it is after 12, and is lunch time, but Ike is still snoozing away. Right now it is dark out and raining. It also just started hailing huge chunks of ice. Bigger than what my ice maker makes! Hopefully it's short lived and when I do drag all the kids out with me in little bit they don't melt in the rain! Sam and Joe like the rain. But Max is apparently made of sugar and melts. Right? That must be why he hates the rain.

I am so behind on reading blogs. I will try and catch up soon...

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