Monday, June 29, 2009

Joe is a big 4 year old now

Joe's b-day was the 23rd. We were driving home the whole day on his birthday. We did have cupcakes to celebrate.

hard to believe this is his last year at home before he starts school. I know it will fly by way too fast.

He was a pretty easy going baby. He then grew to copy everything Sam did. he was her shadow. It has changed in the way that now Ike follows him like a shadow. Joe is just as stubborn as Max. Speaking of stubbornness, he is 4 and still not potty trained! We are working on it now. Ike is very interested in the potty however and will pee in it when he is sat on it--usually. And he wants to sit on it. He will throw a fit if I don't sit him on it.

OK, back to Joe- He is a little engineer always trying to figure things out and build new things. I had some left over rope from a swing. He is in love with that rope. He carries it around like a lovey. His interests change to different things but what ever it is at the time, he is almost obsessed about it.

Happy 4th birthday little guy!

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datri said...

Happy Birthday!