Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mt Rushmore

I'm still on vacation which hopefully explains my absence here.

We went and saw Mt Rushmore last week. It is very cool. The kids were more interested in the chipmunks running around than the big stone faces on the side of the mountain. There was a display inside that the boys really loved though. It had a tv screen showing part of the mountain (you got to pick which picture you wanted) then the boys got to push down the dynamite plunger and "blow up" that part of the mountain.

Here are me, the kids and the in-laws. (yes I chopped my off- I'll post that later)

I'm not sure you can tell or not (I usually shrink my photos down before posting them) but there are people on Jefferson's head. I asked a park ranger and he said they were doing some sort of search and rescue training and possibly starting on the fireworks that will be going off in honor of July 4th. I over heard another ranger say they were setting up fireworks. So I'm not sure which it really was. They had a zip-line running all the way down though.

Max and Sam both did the Jr Ranger program. Here they are getting their pin/badge.Joe was too young (you gotta be 5) so he threw himself on the floor and threw a fit.

We drove by crazy horse and saw the progress... It will someday be a man riding a horse. Right now his face is it plus a hole where his arm will be above the horse. they have a LONG way to go.

We stayed in the KOA campground and the kids loved it! They had a 'jumping pillow' which was like a huge trampoline crossed with a bouncy house. Here is Max on it.And here is Ike.

They also had mini golf which the kids loved. Here's Joe...
And here's Sam hugging a tree...
They also had a big playground, 2 pools, a hot tub, water play area (like a small water park play area), a big water slide, bikes, and a huge outdoor checker/chess game. We didn't use any of the water stuff. Too cold!

It was pretty to see. kinda chilly but not that bad. We have been in Yellowstone since last Sunday. It is very chilly here! It rains, then is sunny, or vise versa throughout the day. We also got hailed on one day. We have seen a few rainbows and even a couple double rainbows. It is very pretty and i will post about it very soon. We leave here Sunday. We are going through the Grand Tetons then to Jackson, Wy/Jackson hole.

Me and kids are with the in-laws for this trip. Let me just say I think we all need a break!

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Karen said...

What a great adventure for the kids! I'm amazed at the horse statue that they're making. I kind of thought they would carve out the rough draft and then go in and do details. Looks like the face is done. Interesting.