Friday, July 17, 2009


That would be my computer! A couple days ago it crashed on me- the drive that is. It didn't hit the floor and go crash, which is somewhat likely with 4 kids in the house. I'm not the best backer-upper. It's been a couple months. However, I have faith in my husband since he is the guru. He used Linux and was able to get to everything on my computer. We (and I mean he here!) copied my selected files to a portable drive before he reformats it or whatever he's gonna do. However, some of those files (files being pictures) are corrupted. So he is going to try another program and see what he can do. I think they are corrupted no matter what. I was getting some corrupted picture error stuff last week. I almost back it up then but didn't. So I have not been on the computer much at all this week. I have used the extra computer that the kids generally use to check some email and that's about it. I'm using my hubby's right now. (and BTW, this weeks post were pre-scheduled!)

Other news-- I always seem to get strep throat. Max did too. Max had a tonsillectomy last September and hasn't had strep since. My throat was sore a little over the weekend so I decided before my tonsils get huge and filled with puss I would see the doctor. I saw the PA- doctors were booked. She gave me a script and a referral for ENT. I got home and set up an ENT appointment- I wasn't gonna wait around for the doctors office to get around it. I went Weds. and I now have a tonsillectomy scheduled for July 28. They could have done it this Tuesday but the kids have swimming lessons through the end of next week. So this should be interesting and hopefully not too painful-fingers crossed! The meds the PA gave me weren't doing the job so the ENT gave a script for a stronger (and yes, that also means more expensive) drug. After taking that one, I started feeling better pretty quickly.

While at the ENT office Ike was being a good little boy, sitting on the couch in the waiting room doing nothing but looking cute. OK, really, he was jumping all over the place and giggling a little naughty giggle. While jumping on the couch i had told him not to, he giggled and continued on. I went and sat by him so I could hold him in order for him to not jump on the couch. Before I grabbed him he jumped and then flopped onto the floor, on his head. Being the nice mommy I am, I told him that is why he should not be jumping on the couch. He cried but was fine. above his eye was red where he landed on the floor. No biggie. He woke up the next day with a big, red swollen upper eye. He looks awful but I'm pretty sure he's fine.

That same day Max and Joe have their yearly physical (check up) at the doctors office. While the doctor is listening to heartbeats she looks over at Ike and says "is his eye alright?" I told her what happened and she said OK. I'm not the type to rush my kids to the doctor over bumps. But I figure if it's not better by Friday (which is the day after the doctor appointment) I'll take him in. Before bed though his eye was already looking better. Hopefully the doctor thinks nothing bad happened to him. He is a boy and only 22 months old. Don't all boys in that age group have bumps and bruises on varying body parts?

I think that is it for now!

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